Major Update!

Update: v95b



  • Corruption now additionally emits a pulse of energy that heals all enemies by 20% of their maximum health. Each pulse consumes 2 Corruption.
    • This pulse will also heal Demon or Fugitive Players.


  • Post Game Rewards now allows each player to choose the chest they receive.
  • New Ending Type: Flawless Victory. If the Dog loses no Hearts during a game, then the Flawless Victory is earned. This adds a couple bonuses to the post game rewards:
    • Additional 2x Multiplier on Points rewards.
    • 3rd Chest Option in Chest Voting for that round. (i.e. Vote C)


  • Two new (5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) item series have been added: Empowering, and Hastening. These items give passive boosts to Skill Power and Skill Speed, respectively.
  • Two new (3⭐⭐⭐) items to complete the Soul Series: Scavenger Soul, and Spirited Soul.
  • The icon artwork for the Rapid Series has been updated. The previous Rapid artwork is now being used for the Hastening series.
  • The Item Codes for the Soul Series have been updated to be consistent with other series.

See the Items page for updated information.



  • The amount of Gold awarded from Chests has been increased.


  • It now costs Gold to upgrade an Item’s Tier. This information has been added to the Upgrading page.


Mega Series

  • Cooldown time reduced to 60 seconds (Down from 120 seconds).

See the Items page for updated information.

Quality of Life

  • WITHDRAW and DEPOSIT now accept multiple item codes (up to 5, to cover your whole backpack)
  • New command: LOAD. Accepts up to 5 item codes. Behaves like a DEPOSIT ALL followed by a WITHDRAW. This lets you quickly switch to a specific set of items.

The Item Commands page has been updated with the new command information.

Major Update!

Update: v95a

Greetings all,

We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on our new systems and have taken time to make some improvements as well as fixes to some critical issues.

Problems with RNG

The drop rates of all items have been affected in this update, with Tier 5 items being the most affected.

I probed around for potential issues with how items are being rolled. Why was Dire Pray almost impossible to roll? It didn’t take long to realize:

  • I didn’t implement weighted random selection correctly (How embarrassing) but have corrected the error and verified that it’s now working as intended.
  • The actual drop rates were off across the board from their intended values, but Tier 5 items on Difficulties 8 and 9 specifically were WAY more generous than intended, due to the error. (Except for poor Dire Pray)

Consequently, all item drop rates have been updated, but the most significant change is that Tier 5 items will be much rarer in Difficulty 8 and 9.

Item Recycling

You can now discard and receive materials from unwanted Mail using the new RECYCLE command (and its counterpart, RECYCLENOW)

Recycling gives Gems or Gold based on the type of item recycled, and based on its Tier.

  • Tier 1: 10 Gold
  • Tier 2: 1 Gem
  • Tier 3 – 4: 3 Gems
  • Tier 5 – 6: 5 Gems

Please refer to the command help section in Item Commands for more details.

Should SMITH and PRAY share the same color?

A small Straw Poll was opened in the Discord. Nine of you responded to the survey, with all but 2 votes disagreeing that SMITH and PRAY should share the same color (Blue).

While SMITH and PRAY were originally the same color for sharing similar functionality (Prevent the Dog from losing Hearts), I also thought that it would be best, given the current state of the game, to be consistent with how COP, PET, and DIG are all separate.

SMITH Chest, Gem, Color

SMITH will no longer share the same color, gem, and chest as PRAY.

  • SMITH is now colored Indigo
  • New Gem: Amethyst

Are Charms Charming?

Because Charms last an entire game, with no way to remove them, their effects had to be somewhat limited. Charms were intended to play the role of a slow momentum gain that, if built up, would greatly improve your odds of success.

There’s a few problems I’ve observed with Charms since release:

  1. The momentum gain was slow.
  2. It’s a lot of work to type in codes.
  3. Players were picking up fewer charms every day.
This data is from the first week of v95’s release.
More recent data is on the right side of the graph.

Charm Updates

To help address these problems, we’ve made these changes:

  • Multiple Charms can be claimed at a time. You can do this by typing codes separated by spaces, such as: aaa bbb ccc ddd eee. You can claim up to 5 Charms in this way.
  • Charms now are time limited, and far more powerful. Read more below for details.
  • Claiming a Charm grants 10 Contribution. Increases the Points you receive at the end of the game.
  • Charms grant Friendship when they overflow from DIG.

Charm stacks are now limited to 5, and all Charms decay over time.

When a Charm decays, all stacks are removed. The decay is reset when a stack is added.

Charm effects previously triggered 1 effect per 10 Works (+10% Work Efficiency), and now instead trigger 1 effect per single Work, per stack (+100 to 500% Work Efficiency, depending on stack count).

Other Changes

  • Difficulty 7 – 9 have had more Fugitives, Prisoners, and Arsonists added.
  • DIG takes more Work to produce a Chest. (180 Works, up from 90)
  • Players who did not participate in the previous round will no longer be able to vote in Post Game Rewards.
  • Updated Chest artwork.

Bug Fixes

  • The Daily Quest ‘Daily Games Player V’ has had its Gold reward restored.
  • The UPGRADE confirmation after successfully upgrading an Item’s Tier now displays the correct cost consumed from your Wallet.
  • Lobby: The first Difficulty site fully worked should now prevent other Difficulties from being chosen.
  • Lobby: Updated Difficulty 7 – 9 work sites to display the correct amount of works required (60).
  • Actions that started in the Lobby will now properly be cancelled before a game starts.

Thank You

The first couple weeks of v95 have been bumpy, but a lot has been learned and a lot has been fixed.

Thank you for your time, thoughts, suggestions, and of course… Thanks for playing!



v95 Minor Updates & Fixes


Quality of Life

  • It is now possible to type USE ABC to trigger a specific item’s Use effect.

Bug Fixes

  • COP was incorrectly generating Jail Health while simultaneously damaging enemies. It now only adds Jail Health while not damaging enemies.
  • Fixed some issues where the ‘Dog has not left in’ timer wasn’t resetting from Kicks. The timer should now persist between games, and between application restarts.
  • The Skill command is now less aggressive about what it matches. (E.g. typing ‘I like to skill pet‘ will no longer trigger the command)
  • The Bank now includes Amethyst in its upgrade costs.
  • The Recycle command is no longer case sensitive.
  • Fixed an issue where UPGRADENOW was sometimes showing an incorrect upgrade cost.


  • The Upgrading page has been updated to include Amethyst.
  • The Items (v95) page has been updated to include icons, as well as searching and sorting capabilities.
  • The Charms page has been updated to include icons and searching capabilities.
  • The Commands page has been updated to be more consistent with how the Items Commands page is written.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an item duplication issue caused by claiming more Items from the Mailbox than you could hold.
  • Difficulty 9 Power was unintentionally raised to 60 and has been lowered back down to 52.


Bug Fixes

  • Charms should no longer be able to stack past 5.
  • Gems should now properly be added to the Mailbox when they overflow from your Wallet.



  • The amount of Corruption that Corruptors add has been increased slightly.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Mailbox would display both the Currency quantity in your wallet, and the quantity in the mailbox.
  • Fixed an issue where Upgrade prices were not being calculated correctly.
    • Developer Note: Although the prices appeared to be random, what was actually happening was the Upgrade price would change as other players in the lobby took actions or used the Upgrade command. The price would reflect whatever the last Item used in a calculation was. I originally thought we were just missing some price checks, which we were, but additionally there was an issue in a piece of code called the Variable Stack.

      Imagine a stack of paper, where you can place a sheet on top or remove one from the top. Whenever paper is added to the stack, we write down what it says somewhere, and the game reads what we wrote. When you take a piece of paper, you also have to write down what that paper says, or its lost forever. (Because… well, paper is cheap and we have a lot of it. This is a terrible metaphor for computer memory, by the way.) Well, we weren’t writing down what the paper said, the game assumed we knew what we were doing, and just rolled with the last thing we wrote down…. Which was likely someone else’s upgrade cost, or possibly even the cost of another item you had equipped.


Bot Messages

  • The message when an Item reaches max level more clearly indicates the next UPGRADE will increase the Tier.
  • The Bot will now tell you when you cannot claim an item from your Mail because it cannot be leveled up.
  • The enemy wave started message is no longer misleading about how you can target enemies.

Bug Fixes

  • The ITEM <code> command now properly shows the name of an item you don’t own.
  • The ITEM command can no longer trigger in sentences that begin with ‘item’.
  • Fixed an issue where UPGRADE was not displaying the correct cost to increase the Tier of an item.
  • COP now properly gives a miniscule amount of XP every time it’s performed in the Lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where the PRESTIGE command did nothing for players who had completed the MAX Prestige.
  • Fixed an issue where UPGRADE BANK would incorrectly state that players could not afford the upgrade despite having all the materials.

Major Update!

Update: v0.95

Release Highlights

  • Permanently unlock Items, equip multiple at a time.
  • Skill cap increase, Skill damage calculation updates.
  • Charms – a new type of buff for Structures.
  • 3 additional difficulty levels, 2 new enemy types.


In this update, we’ve rebuilt items to be permanent unlockables that can be leveled up as you play.

  • Collect Items from post game rewards.
  • Keep Items you earn in the BANK.
  • Place Items in your BACKPACK to use their Passive and Active abilities.
  • Level up Items with Gems to make them incrementally stronger.

Collecting Items

At the end of every game, the entire lobby earns rewards. The best rewards are earned by winning. Higher difficulties reward more Items per victory. Earned Items can be viewed by using the new BANK command.

Once an Item has been earned, it can be placed into your BACKPACK. Any Items in your backpack can have their effects triggered during a game.

Note: Having an item in your Backpack does not free up BANK space.

You can learn more about managing your BACKPACK and BANK on the Item Commands page.

You can check out all the items available in this update on the Items (v95) page. There are 31 new items in this update.

Please note that all items from before this update have been deprecated and can no longer be accessed or used.

The Mailbox

If your Bank cannot store any new items, or you cannot hold any additional Gems, the excess items/gems are sent to your Mailbox. Your Mailbox has a fixed store space of 10. If your Mailbox fills up, you run the risk of permanently missing out on items/gems.

Item Upgrades

Items now have a Level in addition to a Tier. Items can level up in a couple ways:

  • Spending Gems
  • Finding Duplicate Items

Gems are a new currency that can be earned at the end of a game, and are important for upgrading. The cost of upgrading an item increases with its Tier.

Items can similarly have their Tier increased by spending Gems. When an item’s Tier is increased, however, its Level also resets to zero.

You can learn more about what kinds of things you can upgrade, types of Gems, as well as upgrade costs, on the Upgrading page.

Using Items

When a game starts, there will be a 60-second period where players can still move their items between the BANK and their BACKPACK. During this time, Items cannot be used.

After this BANK lock period, Items can have their Passive and Active effects triggered. Not all items have a Passive or Active ability, so be sure to look up your item’s effects with the ITEM command.


The USE command will trigger Active item effects on all items in your BACKPACK at once. When an item has its Active effect triggered, it goes on cooldown for a set period of time.


In v95, we are bumping the level cap of all skills to 50 (Up from 30)! Additionally, we have updated how damage is calculated across all skills, rebalanced experience gains.

Experience Rebalance

While the exact numbers are different, this is an approximate representation of the new experience curve.

The maximum XP you can gain per action is 10 xp.

Level RangeApproximate XP per Level

Damage Calculation Updates

Damage is now based on the difference between the Power of a given Difficulty, and the Power of your Skill.

The minimum damage you can naturally deal is 1, and the maximum damage you can naturally deal is 50 (Not accounting for any Item effects, such as Critical Chance). To deal 50 damage, you must have a Power advantage of at least 40. To deal 1 damage, the Difficulty Power must be at least 10 higher than your Power. If your Power and the Difficulty Power are evenly matched, then you will deal 10 damage.

PRAISE and JAIL Skills Removed

The functions of these skills have been incorporated into PET and COP respectively.


Charms are a new type of buff that apply to Structures. In v95, all Charms last for the duration of a single game and can be found in one of two ways:

  • DIG Chests
  • Bone Level Up Chests

Charms take the place that Items previously filled. They can be claimed by typing in a 3-Letter code. More players claiming a Charm means the Charm will be claimed faster.

For a complete list of Charms, hop on over to the Charms page.

The maximum number of Charms that can be ‘claimable’ at one time is 10. There is no limit to the stack count of Charms applied to Structures.

New Difficulties, Enemy Types

New Enemies

These new enemies will only spawn in Difficulties 4 and above.

New Enemy: Bomb

  • After 30 seconds, the Bomb explodes and removes 1 Heart Point from the Dog.

New Enemy: Arsonist

  • This enemy spawns in Jail.
  • When this enemy breaks out of Jail, it will target Structures and unleash fireballs that damage a random Structure without triggering any of the Structure’s beneficial effects.

Difficulty 7, 8, 9

Three additional difficulties have been added. Their Power levels are 45, 50, and 52 respectively. Good luck!

Also, players can now elect which difficulty to play on. Higher difficulties will require a Veteran player to access.



  • PRESTIGE titles have been changed to: Beginner I – II, Veteran I – II, Expert I – III, Master I – III.
  • The Gold cost of each Prestige level has been reduced significantly.
  • Check out the Prestige page for an updated table of point requirements and gold costs.


  • PET, COP, KICK, and RIOT all work in the Lobby. You can pretty much play the OG version of Don’t Kick the Dog in the Lobby, now. Performing these actions adds a miniscule amount of XP to your skills.
  • Players can now work Structures to move around the Lobby, and start a specific difficulty.
  • Leaderboards for all-time actions performed have been added to the Lobby.


  • Player Actions are no longer interrupted when a Structure goes on cooldown.
  • Demon players are no longer restricted from most things.

Closing Thoughts

This was yet another major evolution for the game, coming out just a little bit over 2 years since the game’s original launch.

We started this update almost exactly 4 months ago, and while a 4 month development cycle might seem like a long time, it has felt like barely any time at all. At the same time, I feel like every update allows us to make bigger and bigger jumps going forward.

We’ll see where we end up landing… Thanks for playing, and remember:

Don’t Kick.


Minor Update: v0.94.1



  • Jail Health no longer decays.
  • Jail now spawns a Jail Chest every 200 Health. The Jail Chest only drops Tier 1 Officer’s Badge and Gavel items.
  • New Item: Repair – Immediately restores a Structure to max health. Gives priority to Structures that are on cooldown, and then the lowest health ratio structure.
  • When a Structure goes on cooldown, it has a chance to drop a Repair item. The chance increases as more Structures go on cooldown.


  • Corruption spawns tougher enemies at higher Corruption stacks.
  • Difficulties 4-6 now all start with 5 HP, and Structure Lv 3.


  • Bones Completed bonus increased to +6 per Bone, up from +3.


  • Enemy Waves UI updated to show when enemies will despawn, when an enemy group in a wave has been defeated, and also shows the current wave number if the wave has started.
  • The Waiting Lobby now shows what Difficulty is up next instead of the Dog Name.
  • The number of claimable items in the Item Queue is now displayed.


  • Fixed a bug where the chat bot would crash silently.
  • Fixed a bug where players could not Riot if they happened to be in Jail at 0 HP.
Major Update!

Update: v0.94

Release Highlights

  • Defeat all enemies, or complete all bones to win points!
  • Difficulty increases with each victory, or resets to zero on defeat.
  • Enemies get stronger, and bones require more points at higher difficulties.
  • Gain Power from levelling up Skills.
  • Structures are now permanent and level up whenever a Bone is earned.

Defend against Enemies of the Dog

In this update, enemies will now spawn every five minutes to kick or corrupt the Dog.

  • Enemies gain more health at higher difficulties, and deal more damage.
  • Waves spawn more enemies at higher difficulties.

Difficulty Levels

There are currently 6 Difficulty Levels in the game. A Difficulty is currently represented by:

  • Number of Enemy Waves
  • Number of Bones
  • Starting Enemy Wave
  • Starting Structure Level

Lucky, the Dog, represents Difficulties 1-3. Unlucky represents Difficulties 4-6.

Earn Xp and Points

Points are earned by contributing to either (or both) the Dog’s defenses, or growth, at the end of the game.

  • Dig, Praise, and Pet all contribute to Growth.
  • Pray, Smith, Jail, and Cop all contribute to Defense.
  • Your contribution to each of these categories is multiplied at the end of the game based on how many Bones and Enemy Waves were completed.

All these actions also grant you Skill Xp.


Levelling up a Skill grants increased Power for that Skill. Power means dealing more damage with that Skill, which means faster contribution, which means more points!

There are currently 9 Skills in the game:

  • Cop: Imprison/defeat enemies of the Dog.
  • Dig: Unearth treasures and equipment.
  • Jail: Keep Prisoners at bay.
  • Pet: Add Friendship to the Dog, and decrease the Golden Dog timer.
  • Praise: Add Friendship to the Dog, and generate Pets.
  • Pray: Add Spirit to the Dog, which protects against Corruption and Kicks but decays over time.
  • Smith: Add Armor to the Dog, which protects against Kicks.
  • Kick: Don’t do this.
  • Riot: Don’t do this.

You can check your skill level with the SKILL <skill name> command, or you can check everything with the SKILLS or POINTS command.

Level/Power Cap

The MAX level for any Skill this release is 30. At Level 30, all skills currently give 2045 Power. Power can be translated to ‘Maximum Damage’ by dividing by 100, and then rounding up. The Power and Level Cap may be increased in the future.

Structure Updates

  • JAIL, PRAISE, PRAY, SMITH, and DIG are now all permanent structures on the playing field. Simply type the Structure’s name to interact with them.
  • Structures go on cooldown instead of being destroyed. There is no more PLEDGE to build Structures with Gold, and Structure Voting has been disabled.

Bone Level Increases Structure Level

This release, gaining a Bone Level will increase the level of a Structure. Each Structure will receive a level in a fixed order, so there is an even distribution as the Bone levels up.

It is set up so that every Bone Tier all Structures will have received 1 level. So for example by the time Epic Bone (Tier 4) is finished, all Structures will be level 4.

Item Updates

Many items have been deprecated or reworked to provide benefits to Skills. A list of all items and their effects can be found here.

In general, here is what has changed:

  • Equipment items have been added/updated to grant stat boosts to a particular Skill as a passive.
  • The Charge capacity for items has been standardized as follows: 60, 50, 40, 30, 20 for each Tier (I thru V) respectively.
  • Higher Tier items deal significantly more damage than lower Tier items. So although high Tier items have lower Charge capacity, they deal more damage per Charge.

Item Stats

  • Crit Chance: Increases the likelihood of dealing a critical strike.
  • Crit Power: When dealing a critical strike, multiplies the damage you deal.
  • Speed: Increases the rate at which you perform an associated Action.
  • Power: Increases the damage you deal, additively.

Misc Changes

  • Players who have zero Kick and zero Riot XP will have a Halo above their heads. This also means that all players will have a fresh chance to keep, or lose, their Halo.
  • The CAPE command now displays information about what cape is currently equipped, what capes you have unlocked, and how to earn the next cape.
  • The PRESTIGE command now displays information and your current Prestige, the next Prestige you can earn, Gold cost, and Point requirements.
  • The DOG command now shows information about the current Difficulty. Using the DOG command while in the waiting lobby will display information about the next Dog.
  • The POINTS and STATS command no longer displays overall Rank.
  • The STATS command now displays the count of all lifetime Skill actions taken.

Status on Next Update #3: v0.94

Hey all.

This is the home stretch! I’m insanely excited to push this puppy (heh) live.

As a reminder, this weekend the stream will be taken offline as I do preparation for the update. This will happen starting this Friday, and the stream will return with the update Monday, 12/9 at around 7 PM PT.

What I have been working on

  • Reverting the decision to have Friendship decay over time.
  • Gold will now only be awarded through Daily Quests. Added a daily quest for every Skill.
  • Gold costs and Point Requirements for Prestige remain unchanged, but I am working on balancing point gain from contribution and Golden Sparks. This will be an ongoing effort that extends past v0.94 release.
  • Stability / Bug Fixing

Status on Next Update #2: v0.94

Live Stream Down Nov 24

The live stream will be taken down on Nov 24 @ 1 PM PST so that I can test the update on the Live PC. The stream will be down for the rest of the day, but I will post on #announcements when it returns.

Release Date Dec 9

With Thanksgiving coming up in the US, I’m spending a lot of my time with friends and family so I will not be able to work on the game very much. I work on the game as a hobby, so these things always take priority 🙂

The new estimate for the update is another two weeks out: December 9th.

The weekend before release (12/6 – 12/8) I will be taking down the live stream. After that point, the next time the stream goes live will be with the new update!

What I have been working on

  • Balancing Difficulty & Rewards.
  • Higher difficulty Dogs start with higher level Structures. So for example, Difficulty 2 starts with all Level 2 Structures.
  • End game scoreboard now shows a breakdown of how the point reward multiplier is calculated. Made it clearer which scoreboard category is being viewed.
  • Support has been added to restore a player’s account in the case where someone has changed their Twitch username. This is not automatic yet – if you have lost data because of a username change please DM me (Raider) on Discord.
  • There is now a chat message and in-game message when an Enemy Wave is defeated.
  • Continuing to investigate BSOD issues with the DKTD PC. Updated drivers and am now crossing my fingers.



Status on Next Update: v0.94

WIP Screenshot of some of the changes made recently.

Greetings all,

It’s been a couple weeks since the Demo and I’ve been addressing some major feedback points. This is a longer post, hence the Blog update 🙂

Here are some of the biggest changes:

  • Points gained at the end of the game are now based on Contribution, and multiplied at the end of game based on the number of Enemy Waves and Bones completed. Just for clarity: Contribution is measured in the amount of damage dealt for a particular group of skills. So for example you may contribute 5,000 to Growth and 5,000 to Defense. At the end of the game, your points would be calculated as: (5,000 + 5,000) x Bone Multiplier x Wave Multiplier. Additionally, the type of Victory makes Contribution in the same category (E.g. defensive victory and defense contribution) worth double.
  • Good, Great, Epic, and Legendary Chests now only drop 1 item. They are now more likely to drop an item of the corresponding Tier (II – V) and cannot drop an item of a Tier lower (Good Chest doesn’t drop T1 items).
  • Items of higher Tiers now have dramatically reduced max charge. Charge per Tier is now: (60, 50, 40, 30, 20) for Tier I thru V respectively. T5 items have been fixed to have the correct stats 🙂
  • There is now an indicator on screen at all times to show the current difficulty, and progress towards each win condition. There is now info in the Waiting Lobby about the Current/Next Dog.
  • Projectile feedback has been made more consistent – e.g. petting now shoots at the Pet stacks, which then shoots tracers at the things Petting affects (Friendship, Golden Dog). I hope projectiles continue to be a helpful, visual aid, and not annoying.
  • A new Damage Leaderboard UI has been added that shows the top players in each Contribution category as well as their current action. So even when the game gets hectic, you can still see who is contributing the most.

Also, this week we lost a number of recent Blog Posts after a ransomware attack on our hosting provider. More would have been lost had I not done any local backing up of the site, so that is fortunate. Since then I have chosen a new hosting provider to restore the site. No game data was affected. Maybe back up something valuable to you today 🙂

What isn’t going to be in this update?

Just as important as what is going in. As always, feel free to drop a line in the #feedback or #suggestions channel on Discord with your thoughts.

  • There’s no reward for kicking in this update – except Skill Experience. Many of you saw this in the demo, but I just wanted to be extra clear. This update will focus on the PvE experience.
  • There’s no gameplay effect for Prestige or Hero Level in this update – but it still awards cosmetic capes. Prestige used to grant extra Friendship on pet. The CAPE command, however, is being enhanced.

Login Changes: The update will support a maximum of 50 players

For performance reasons the game will not allow more than 50 players to login (Also, it just becomes a visual mess on screen).

There are additional changes to how login works, too. Though I have been testing often, it was a major, risky change to enforce a 50 player maximum. I don’t anticipate hitting 50 concurrent players anytime soon 🙂 but better to be prepared!

Here are some “Fun Login Facts”

  • You no longer automatically login just by visiting the channel. You must enter something in chat to be logged in. Lurkers- rejoice!
  • The login system is first-come-first-serve. A message will be emitted in chat periodically when the maximum player limit is reached. You will be able to check your login status with the LOGIN command.
  • If you are idle for more than 10 minutes, you will be automatically logged out. This happens even when the game is not at capacity.
  • If you are idle for 2 minutes, you are considered AFK (This can be seen as a Zzz icon in the damage leaderboard). Players who are AFK are logged out when the game is at capacity to make room for active players.

New Update Date Update: SoonTM edition

There is still a lot of work left to do. For example updating all the rules of the game everywhere because the game is very different now [heavy breathing]. It is at least another two weeks out. I hope we can all be playing together over Thanksgiving.

Thank you all for waiting~ I hope you find it to be worth the wait.



v0.91b Minor Updates

BARK! The game is getting a minor update! These updates contain bug fixes and small improvements to the game.

This post will be updated with all minor updates for v0.91b

v0.91b.3 (5/7/19)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the event display could get stuck after a Fugitive Raid upgraded to the next level.

v0.91b.2 (5/5/19)


  • Demons now add 60 Jail Health when imprisoned (Down from 100).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Demons would not add more Jail Health than normal Fugitives when imprisoned.
  • Fixed an issue with actor despawning that would destabilize the game.

v0.91b.1 (5/2/19)


  • Jail Health now decays at a rate of 1 per 10 seconds.


  • Modifiers that have a duration now visualize how much time has elapsed. (Jail Health, Digging Frenzy, Golden Pet)
  • Jail Health now displays even at 0 health, to indicate that RIOT will work immediately.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Modifier feedback would appear even when it had no effect (e.g. removing Pledges when there are no Pledges via Gold Mine).
  • Fixed an issue where (Inactive) would appear on inspected items if your item was inactive.
  • Fixed an issue where the Golden Dog summary would display the total amount of earned Friendship, rather than the Friendship earned during Golden Dog.
  • Fixed a typo on [Corrupted Pledge].