Minor Update: v0.94.1



  • Jail Health no longer decays.
  • Jail now spawns a Jail Chest every 200 Health. The Jail Chest only drops Tier 1 Officer’s Badge and Gavel items.
  • New Item: Repair – Immediately restores a Structure to max health. Gives priority to Structures that are on cooldown, and then the lowest health ratio structure.
  • When a Structure goes on cooldown, it has a chance to drop a Repair item. The chance increases as more Structures go on cooldown.


  • Corruption spawns tougher enemies at higher Corruption stacks.
  • Difficulties 4-6 now all start with 5 HP, and Structure Lv 3.


  • Bones Completed bonus increased to +6 per Bone, up from +3.


  • Enemy Waves UI updated to show when enemies will despawn, when an enemy group in a wave has been defeated, and also shows the current wave number if the wave has started.
  • The Waiting Lobby now shows what Difficulty is up next instead of the Dog Name.
  • The number of claimable items in the Item Queue is now displayed.


  • Fixed a bug where the chat bot would crash silently.
  • Fixed a bug where players could not Riot if they happened to be in Jail at 0 HP.