Illustrates a player using the cop command in game.
  • Attacks enemies of the Dog.
  • Enemies can be either Player fugitives or NPCs.
  • When an Enemy NPC has their health reduced to zero, they are defeated and removed from play.
  • When a Player has their health reduced to zero, they are imprisoned and stunned.
  • When no enemies are present, Cop adds Jail Health and increases Jail Xp.
  • When the Jail levels up, Maximum Jail Health increases.


  • Generates Armor that protects the Dog from Kicks.
  • Armor can Level Up, which increases the maximum amount of Armor the Dog can have at once.


  • Generates Friendship that increases the amount of Dog XP earned every second.
  • If the Dog is Angry, this calms them down to stop them from leaving.


  • Generates Spirit that automatically adds Friendship when there are no debuffs or Enemies.
  • Spirit will automatically attack Enemies and debuffs while they are active.
  • Spirit decays periodically.
  • The amount of Friendship added / damage dealt to enemies increases with Spirit Power.
  • Spirit Power is incerased when enough Spirit is earned.


  • Unearths Charms that add bonuses to Structures.
  • Dig up Bones that add XP to the Dog when claimed.
  • Rarely dig up Gems that can be collected.
  • Only certain Gems are available from Dig depending on the day of the week.


  • Don’t do this.
  • You will become a Fugitive, and lose your Halo.
  • Reduces Jail Health. If Jail Health reaches zero, all Prisoners are released.
  • Increases Enemy Power.


  • Don’t do this.
  • You will become a Fugitive, and lose your Halo.
  • It makes the Dog angry if there is no Armor to protect them.
  • Increases Enemy Power.

Skill Level

Skills can be leveled up by earning Experience. Experience is granted when your character does Work.

Each Level earned increaes your Skill Power by 1.

Skill Power

Each point of Skill Power increases your maximum damage by 1. Damage is normally calculated as a dice roll between 1 and your maximum damage.


You may gain up to 10 experience points (xp) per Work Action, and no less than 2 xp per Work Action.

Below is the XP curve for all skills:

Level Experience