Status on Next Update #2: v0.94

Live Stream Down Nov 24

The live stream will be taken down on Nov 24 @ 1 PM PST so that I can test the update on the Live PC. The stream will be down for the rest of the day, but I will post on #announcements when it returns.

Release Date Dec 9

With Thanksgiving coming up in the US, I’m spending a lot of my time with friends and family so I will not be able to work on the game very much. I work on the game as a hobby, so these things always take priority 🙂

The new estimate for the update is another two weeks out: December 9th.

The weekend before release (12/6 – 12/8) I will be taking down the live stream. After that point, the next time the stream goes live will be with the new update!

What I have been working on

  • Balancing Difficulty & Rewards.
  • Higher difficulty Dogs start with higher level Structures. So for example, Difficulty 2 starts with all Level 2 Structures.
  • End game scoreboard now shows a breakdown of how the point reward multiplier is calculated. Made it clearer which scoreboard category is being viewed.
  • Support has been added to restore a player’s account in the case where someone has changed their Twitch username. This is not automatic yet – if you have lost data because of a username change please DM me (Raider) on Discord.
  • There is now a chat message and in-game message when an Enemy Wave is defeated.
  • Continuing to investigate BSOD issues with the DKTD PC. Updated drivers and am now crossing my fingers.