Major Update!

Update: v0.94

Release Highlights

  • Defeat all enemies, or complete all bones to win points!
  • Difficulty increases with each victory, or resets to zero on defeat.
  • Enemies get stronger, and bones require more points at higher difficulties.
  • Gain Power from levelling up Skills.
  • Structures are now permanent and level up whenever a Bone is earned.

Defend against Enemies of the Dog

In this update, enemies will now spawn every five minutes to kick or corrupt the Dog.

  • Enemies gain more health at higher difficulties, and deal more damage.
  • Waves spawn more enemies at higher difficulties.

Difficulty Levels

There are currently 6 Difficulty Levels in the game. A Difficulty is currently represented by:

  • Number of Enemy Waves
  • Number of Bones
  • Starting Enemy Wave
  • Starting Structure Level

Lucky, the Dog, represents Difficulties 1-3. Unlucky represents Difficulties 4-6.

Earn Xp and Points

Points are earned by contributing to either (or both) the Dog’s defenses, or growth, at the end of the game.

  • Dig, Praise, and Pet all contribute to Growth.
  • Pray, Smith, Jail, and Cop all contribute to Defense.
  • Your contribution to each of these categories is multiplied at the end of the game based on how many Bones and Enemy Waves were completed.

All these actions also grant you Skill Xp.


Levelling up a Skill grants increased Power for that Skill. Power means dealing more damage with that Skill, which means faster contribution, which means more points!

There are currently 9 Skills in the game:

  • Cop: Imprison/defeat enemies of the Dog.
  • Dig: Unearth treasures and equipment.
  • Jail: Keep Prisoners at bay.
  • Pet: Add Friendship to the Dog, and decrease the Golden Dog timer.
  • Praise: Add Friendship to the Dog, and generate Pets.
  • Pray: Add Spirit to the Dog, which protects against Corruption and Kicks but decays over time.
  • Smith: Add Armor to the Dog, which protects against Kicks.
  • Kick: Don’t do this.
  • Riot: Don’t do this.

You can check your skill level with the SKILL <skill name> command, or you can check everything with the SKILLS or POINTS command.

Level/Power Cap

The MAX level for any Skill this release is 30. At Level 30, all skills currently give 2045 Power. Power can be translated to ‘Maximum Damage’ by dividing by 100, and then rounding up. The Power and Level Cap may be increased in the future.

Structure Updates

  • JAIL, PRAISE, PRAY, SMITH, and DIG are now all permanent structures on the playing field. Simply type the Structure’s name to interact with them.
  • Structures go on cooldown instead of being destroyed. There is no more PLEDGE to build Structures with Gold, and Structure Voting has been disabled.

Bone Level Increases Structure Level

This release, gaining a Bone Level will increase the level of a Structure. Each Structure will receive a level in a fixed order, so there is an even distribution as the Bone levels up.

It is set up so that every Bone Tier all Structures will have received 1 level. So for example by the time Epic Bone (Tier 4) is finished, all Structures will be level 4.

Item Updates

Many items have been deprecated or reworked to provide benefits to Skills. A list of all items and their effects can be found here.

In general, here is what has changed:

  • Equipment items have been added/updated to grant stat boosts to a particular Skill as a passive.
  • The Charge capacity for items has been standardized as follows: 60, 50, 40, 30, 20 for each Tier (I thru V) respectively.
  • Higher Tier items deal significantly more damage than lower Tier items. So although high Tier items have lower Charge capacity, they deal more damage per Charge.

Item Stats

  • Crit Chance: Increases the likelihood of dealing a critical strike.
  • Crit Power: When dealing a critical strike, multiplies the damage you deal.
  • Speed: Increases the rate at which you perform an associated Action.
  • Power: Increases the damage you deal, additively.

Misc Changes

  • Players who have zero Kick and zero Riot XP will have a Halo above their heads. This also means that all players will have a fresh chance to keep, or lose, their Halo.
  • The CAPE command now displays information about what cape is currently equipped, what capes you have unlocked, and how to earn the next cape.
  • The PRESTIGE command now displays information and your current Prestige, the next Prestige you can earn, Gold cost, and Point requirements.
  • The DOG command now shows information about the current Difficulty. Using the DOG command while in the waiting lobby will display information about the next Dog.
  • The POINTS and STATS command no longer displays overall Rank.
  • The STATS command now displays the count of all lifetime Skill actions taken.