Note: In Don’t Kick the Dog, commands do not start with a special character.

Shortcuts for commands are listed in (parenthesis).



Displays a link to the discord server.

CHAT dxraider: discord BOTdktdbot: Join the DKTD Discord! Get the latest on updates, discuss the game, share pictures of your pets, and more!


Displays information about the current game.

CHAT dxraider: dog BOTdktdbot: 🐶 ℹ️ The current Dog is DIFFICULTY 1 (Difficulty 1) | Current Bone Level: 0/10 | 3,494 pts to Next Level | Enemy Wave: 0/10 , 00:47 Kick Immunity


Displays a link to this page, and the discord server.

CHAT dxraider: help BOTdktdbot: ℹ️ How To Play: Defeat all Enemy Waves, or complete all Bones to win. Type words that appear on screen in black text to perform actions. Gain points for playing games. The game runs 24/7 – drop in or out anytime! Website: Discord:

inspect (ins)

Displays more information about something in game. You can currently inspect equipment items, claimable items, or any of the visible structures via their command code.

CHAT dxraider: inspect pet BOTdktdbot: ℹ️ The Dog is receiving 248 experience per second from Friendship.
CHAT dxraider: ins abc BOTdktdbot: ℹ️ @dxraider (Not Owned) (ABC) 3⭐ | USE: (90s Cooldown) Adds 5 Friendship Charms (Pet). | This item cools down faster by 1s per Item Level.


You control a character in game that can perform Actions when entering certain commands.

Work Actions

Typing in these commands is all you need to do to begin working. Working can be stopped by entering the cancel command, or by entering another Work Action command.

Work counts as Contribution that qualifies you for rewards during/after the game.

See the Skills page for more info on what these Work Actions do.


Strengthen the Jail, or defeat Enemies.

Generates Friend Contribution.


Generate Armor to protect the Dog.

Generates Friend Contribution.


Generate Friendship to increase the Dog’s Level.

Calms the Dog down if they are Angry.

Generates Friend Contribution.


Generate Spirit, which may attack Enemies, add Friendship, or remove harmful effects on the Dog.

Generates Friend Contribution.


Uncover Bones to level up the Dog, Gems to upgrade Items, or Charms to strengthen other Actions.

Generates Friend Contribution.


Do not do this. Kicks can be prevented with Armor. This action will mark you as a Fugitive.

Generates Enemy Contribution.


Do not do this. Riot reduces Jail Health and has a small chance to break you free from Jail. This action will mark you as a Fugitive.

Upon successfully escaping Jail, you enter Stealth.

Generates Enemy Contribution.

Special Actions

These commands have a unique effect, do not repeat automatically, and have more strict rules about when they can be used.


Apologizes to the Dog. If you are a Fugitive or Prisoner, this makes you Innocent and places you on Probation for some time. While on Probation, you may not Kick or Riot.

CHAT dxraider: sorry BOTdktdbot: 🙏 @dxraider is now on Probation, and cannot KICK for 2 minutes.


Uses all items in your Backpack, if they are not on cooldown and have a use effect. Using an item places it on cooldown.

You can use a specific item by typing use abc where abc is the 3-letter code of an item.

CHAT dxraider: use BOTdktdbot: @dxraider used (ADE) [1⭐ Rapid Smith]. You have 1 Items on 🕒 Cooldown. (88s)


When the Dog levels up, this command can be used to choose a Reward. You must have generated some amount of Contribution during the last Dog level to be qualified for a Reward.

Utility Actions

These commands can generally be used at any time to modify your character’s behavior, but do not perform Work.


Interrupts any Work your character is doing.

Item Management

Your character can earn Items that can be equipped and used (either passively or actively) during the game.

wallet (w)

View your available Gems, and Gold.

CHAT dxraider: wallet BOTdktdbot: @dxraider’s Wallet | [Gold] x45,735 | [Emerald] x4 (Max: 100) | [Ruby] x51 (Max: 100) | [Sapphire] x1 (Max: 100) | [Topaz] x3 (Max: 100) | [Amethyst] x2 (Max: 100)


View your collection of unlocked items.

You may enter bank# to view different pages of your Bank.

You may enter bank <search text> to search your bank for items that contain the text you enter.

CHAT dxraider: bank 1⭐ BOTdktdbot: @dxraider 🏦 Items Matching ‘1⭐’ : | ▪️ (AED) [1⭐ Chaining Pray Lv.4/10] | ▪️ (ADE) [1⭐ Rapid Smith Lv.2/10] | ▪️ (ADD) [1⭐ Rapid Pray Lv.2/10] | ▪️ (AEE) [1⭐ Chaining Smith Lv.1/10] | ▪️ (AEA) [1⭐ Chaining Cop Lv.3/10] | 🎒 (ADB) [1⭐ Rapid Dig Lv.2/10] | 🎒 (AEB) [1⭐ Chaining Dig Lv.2/10]

withdraw <code> (w <code>)

Adds an item to your Backpack, if it is unlocked.

This command can accept up to 5 item codes separated by spaces.

CHAT dxraider: withdraw afe BOTdktdbot: @dxraider ☑️ Withdrew (AFE) [Recharging Smith Lv.2/10] 1⭐ into BACKPACK Slot 1 dxraider: withdraw aia aha BOTdktdbot: @dxraider ☑️ Withdrawn: AIA AHA

deposit (d)

Removes an item from your Backpack.

This command can accept up to 5 item codes separated by spaces.

You my use deposit all to remove all items from the Backpack.

CHAT dxraider: deposit afe BOTdktdbot: @dxraider ☑️ Deposited (AFE) [Recharging Smith Lv.2/10] 1⭐ into the BANK. dxraider: deposit aha aia BOTdktdbot: @dxraider ☑️ Deposited: AHA AIA dxraider: deposit all BOTdktdbot: @dxraider All items in your backpack have been deposited.


Sets your Backpack to have a specific loadout of items. Note that this means if fewer items are specified than the Backpack can hold, the Backpack will have empty slots.

This command can accept up to 5 item codes separated by spaces.

CHAT dxraider: load adc aha aia BOTdktdbot: ☑️ Backpack Loadout: (AHC) [6⭐ Empowering Pet Lv.60/60] | (ABB) [3⭐ Charming Dig Lv.2/30] | (ACC) [3⭐ Mega Pet Lv.2/30] |

The load command can also set item loadouts that will automatically swap your equipped items when entering a specific keyword.

To set a keyword loadout, type load <keyword> <item codes>.

To unset a keyword loadout, type unload <keyword>.

Supported Keywords:

CHAT dxraider: load pet aea aeb aec aed aee BOTdktdbot: @dxraider ☑️ ‘pet’ loadout set: (AEA) [6⭐ Chaining Cop Lv.60/60],(AEB) [6⭐ Chaining Dig Lv.60/60],(AEC) [6⭐ Chaining Pet Lv.60/60],(AED) [6⭐ Chaining Pray Lv.60/60],(AEE) [6⭐ Chaining Smith Lv.60/60] | Type UNLOAD pet to unset this loadout.

You can examine what is equipped on a specific keyword loadout by just typing load <keyword>

CHAT dxraider: load pet BOTdktdbot: @dxraider ℹ️ ‘pet’ loadout: (AEA) [6⭐ Chaining Cop Lv.60/60],(AEB) [6⭐ Chaining Dig Lv.60/60],(AEC) [6⭐ Chaining Pet Lv.60/60],(AED) [6⭐ Chaining Pray Lv.60/60],(AEE) [6⭐ Chaining Smith Lv.60/60] | Type UNLOAD pet to unset this loadout.

Unloading a keyword loadout:

CHAT dxraider: unload pet BOTdktdbot: @dxraider ☑️ ‘pet’ loadout cleared.

backpack (b)

View items currently in your Backpack.

The Backpack starts out by being able to hold up to 3 items, but can hold up to 5 items after you have Prestiged twice.

CHAT dxraider: backpack BOTdktdbot: @dxraider 🎒 Backpack | ▪️ Slot 1: empty | ▪️ Slot 2: empty | ▪️ Slot 3: empty

mail (m)

View items sent to your Mailbox.

You may retrieve an item from the Mailbox with mail# where # is the Mailbox slot to retrieve.

Up to 10 items may be stored in the Mailbox. If the Mailbox is full, you may lose out on items that would otherwise be stored here.

If an item is at max level, and you earn a duplicate of that item, then the duplicate will be sent to the Mailbox.

CHAT dxraider: mail BOTdktdbot: 📬 @dxraider’s Mailbox: | MAIL1: (AEC) [1⭐ Chaining Pet] x1 | MAIL2: (ADB) [1⭐ Rapid Dig] x10 | MAIL3: (AEB) [1⭐ Chaining Dig] x21 | MAIL4: (ADC) [1⭐ Rapid Pet] x11 | MAIL5: (ADE) [1⭐ Rapid Smith] x8 | MAIL6: (ADD) [1⭐ Rapid Pray] x8 | MAIL7: (AHC) [5⭐ Empowering Pet] x1 | MAIL8: (AED) [1⭐ Chaining Pray] x9 | MAIL9: (AEE) [1⭐ Chaining Smith] x9 | MAIL10: (ADA) [1⭐ Rapid Cop] x4 | Type MAIL (slot) to open a specific piece of mail.


View information about upgrading items.

You may enter an item’s 3-letter code to view upgrades for a specific item.

You can upgrade an item multiple times at once with the form upgrade# abc

CHAT dxraider: upgrade BOTdktdbot: @dxraider ℹ️ Type UPGRADE code to view info about upgrading an item. | Items Available (5) : (Only showing first 5) (ADC) [Rapid Pet Lv.1/10] 1⭐, (AEC) [Chaining Pet Lv.4/10] 1⭐, (AFB) [Recharging Dig Lv.1/10] 1⭐, (AFC) [Recharging Pet Lv.4/10] 1⭐, (ADD) [Rapid Pray Lv.5/10] 1⭐ | Type UPGRADE BANK to view Bank Upgrades.
CHAT dxraider: upgrade abb BOTdktdbot: ℹ️ @dxraider (ABB) [3⭐ Charming Dig Lv.2/30] | Upgrade 1x Times: | Cost: 300x Gold, 1x Emerald | Upgrades to Level 3 : This item cools down faster by 1s per Item Level.. | Type UPGRADENOW ABB to perform this Upgrade.
CHAT raeynshine: upgrade3 aed BOTdktdbot: ℹ️ @raeynshine (AED) [1⭐ Chaining Pray Lv.4/10] | Upgrade 3x Times: | Cost: 3x Sapphires, 300x Gold | Upgrades to Level 7 : The item effect is 1% more likely to trigger per Item Level.. | Type UPGRADENOW AED to perform this Upgrade.


View information about recycling an item.

Requires a code that may either be an item code, or a mailbox slot.

Note that only deprecated items may be recycled.

recyclenow is used to confirm a recycle.

CHAT dxraider: recycle mail1 BOTdktdbot: @dxraider ♻️ Type RECYCLENOW MAIL1 to recycle (From Mailbox) (ACB) [Mega Dig] x1 and receive: Emerald x3


Manage aspects of your character’s appearance.

Developer Note: At this time, how your identity is represented in game is limited because there has been a large focus on gameplay systems. I’d like to better represent a diverse range of player identities in the future, such as being able to change skin color, eye color, and hair options.


View information about your current cape, or change which cape you are wearing.

You may specify a number to choose which Cape is equipped.

CHAT dxraider: cape BOTdktdbot: @dxraider | Equipped: Cape 8 | Highest Cape Unlocked: 8 | Next Cape unlocks in 131,337,069 points | CAPE (number) to Equip, or CAPE 0 to Unequip
dxraider: cape 2 BOTdktdbot: @dxraider | Equipped: Cape 2 | Highest Cape Unlocked: 8 | Next Cape unlocks in 131,337,069 points | CAPE (number) to Equip, or CAPE 0 to Unequip


View information about your account progress.


View your available Quests, including Daily Quests.

CHAT dxraider: quest BOTdktdbot: ℹ️ dxraider’s Quests: [Daily Copping II : 16/100 Cops] . [Daily Digging III : 327/1,000 Digs] . [Daily Praying II : 30/100 Prayers] . [Daily Smithing III : 279/1,000 Smiths] . [Daily Petting III : 173/1,000 Pets] .


View information about your over all skill level, and Prestige.

CHAT dxraider: skills BOTdktdbot: ℹ️ dxraider (Total Lv. 125) Master II (Complete in 119,260,189 pts) | Cop Lv. 25 | Dig Lv. 19 | Pet Lv. 32 | Pray Lv. 21 | Riot Lv. 1 | Smith Lv. 27

skill <code>

View current Skill level and experience required to level up

CHAT dxraider: skills BOTdktdbot: @dxraider [Pet] Level 52 (Next Level in 34,815 xp) | Power: 57 💥


View information about your current Prestige Level and Prestige Points. If you have enough Prestige Points, increases your Prestige Level.

Tip: Prestige Points are awarded after the Dog has left.

Increasing Prestige unlocks Capes, and Backpack slots (up to 5).


View tracked statistics about your account. Breaks down stats for each Work Action.

CHAT dxraider: stats BOTdktdbot: ℹ️ dxraider (Total Lv. 71) Master III (Complete in 414,602,820 pts) | Current Game Contribution: 80587 Friend | Cop Lv. 2 | Dig Lv. 5 | Kick Lv. 2 | Pet Lv. 52 | Pray Lv. 6 | Riot Lv. 2 | Smith Lv. 2


Checks if your account is logged in.

Note that you do not need to enter this command to sign in to the game.

CHAT dxraider: login BOTdktdbot: ☑️ @dxraider You are logged in.