Major Update!

Update: v95c


Equipment Projectiles

This update unifies some of the behavior when a Projectile hits its target. Most notably: Chaining, Rapid, and Mega Items can now trigger Recharging and Soul Effects. This may make some of those items more viable for certain builds.


  • The amount of experience gained from Actions is now displayed above your character’s head.
  • There is a new callout that appears over players when they become a Fugitive, or Apologize.


Difficulty Voting

Difficulty selection is now a vote that occurs immediately after the lobby wants to start a new game. After 30 seconds, the game will begin at the Difficulty level with the most votes.

In the case of a tie, the easiest Difficulty will win. If there are no votes, that counts as an all-way tie, and Difficulty 1 will be chosen.

Multi Upgrade

UPGRADE and UPGRADENOW have been improved to support multiple upgrades at once. This can be done by adding the quantity # to the end of the command.

The help descriptions for these commands have been updated on the Item Commands page.


  • The probation period for SORRY is now 2 minutes (down from 15 minutes)