v95 Minor Updates & Fixes


Quality of Life

  • It is now possible to type USE ABC to trigger a specific item’s Use effect.

Bug Fixes

  • COP was incorrectly generating Jail Health while simultaneously damaging enemies. It now only adds Jail Health while not damaging enemies.
  • Fixed some issues where the ‘Dog has not left in’ timer wasn’t resetting from Kicks. The timer should now persist between games, and between application restarts.
  • The Skill command is now less aggressive about what it matches. (E.g. typing ‘I like to skill pet‘ will no longer trigger the command)
  • The Bank now includes Amethyst in its upgrade costs.
  • The Recycle command is no longer case sensitive.
  • Fixed an issue where UPGRADENOW was sometimes showing an incorrect upgrade cost.


  • The Upgrading page has been updated to include Amethyst.
  • The Items (v95) page has been updated to include icons, as well as searching and sorting capabilities.
  • The Charms page has been updated to include icons and searching capabilities.
  • The Commands page has been updated to be more consistent with how the Items Commands page is written.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an item duplication issue caused by claiming more Items from the Mailbox than you could hold.
  • Difficulty 9 Power was unintentionally raised to 60 and has been lowered back down to 52.


Bug Fixes

  • Charms should no longer be able to stack past 5.
  • Gems should now properly be added to the Mailbox when they overflow from your Wallet.



  • The amount of Corruption that Corruptors add has been increased slightly.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Mailbox would display both the Currency quantity in your wallet, and the quantity in the mailbox.
  • Fixed an issue where Upgrade prices were not being calculated correctly.
    • Developer Note: Although the prices appeared to be random, what was actually happening was the Upgrade price would change as other players in the lobby took actions or used the Upgrade command. The price would reflect whatever the last Item used in a calculation was. I originally thought we were just missing some price checks, which we were, but additionally there was an issue in a piece of code called the Variable Stack.

      Imagine a stack of paper, where you can place a sheet on top or remove one from the top. Whenever paper is added to the stack, we write down what it says somewhere, and the game reads what we wrote. When you take a piece of paper, you also have to write down what that paper says, or its lost forever. (Because… well, paper is cheap and we have a lot of it. This is a terrible metaphor for computer memory, by the way.) Well, we weren’t writing down what the paper said, the game assumed we knew what we were doing, and just rolled with the last thing we wrote down…. Which was likely someone else’s upgrade cost, or possibly even the cost of another item you had equipped.


Bot Messages

  • The message when an Item reaches max level more clearly indicates the next UPGRADE will increase the Tier.
  • The Bot will now tell you when you cannot claim an item from your Mail because it cannot be leveled up.
  • The enemy wave started message is no longer misleading about how you can target enemies.

Bug Fixes

  • The ITEM <code> command now properly shows the name of an item you don’t own.
  • The ITEM command can no longer trigger in sentences that begin with ‘item’.
  • Fixed an issue where UPGRADE was not displaying the correct cost to increase the Tier of an item.
  • COP now properly gives a miniscule amount of XP every time it’s performed in the Lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where the PRESTIGE command did nothing for players who had completed the MAX Prestige.
  • Fixed an issue where UPGRADE BANK would incorrectly state that players could not afford the upgrade despite having all the materials.