Major Update!

Update: v97


  • Chests:
    • Added Tier 2 and Tier 3 Fugitive Chests.
    • These can drop at any level where you can perform a chest vote.
  • Mail:
    • Commands:
      • You can type mail all to open all mailbox items at once.


  • Progression:
    • The total amount of XP required to reach Level 100 has increased slightly (by about 11,000 XP)
    • XP requirements will never retroactively de-level a player. Player Skill Levels are saved separately from XP and will only ever increase when you meet the next XP requirement threshold.


  • Tier XP:
    • When max level for the current tier, equipment can gain Tier XP instead of item levels. 
    • Max Tier XP raises the item to the next tier, circumventing the upgrade cost. 
    • You can still immediately upgrade in exchange for gems / gold with the upgrade command.
    • Items that are at Max Level for their current tier will have duplicates sent to the mailbox, so you may choose whether to accept the Tier XP or pay the upgrade cost with currency.
      • This does not apply for items that are both at Max Tier and Max Level.
    • When upgraded to the next Tier, equipment no longer returns to Level 1. 
    • Tier XP required depends on the Natural Tier of an item:
      • 1-Star: 50 Tier XP 
      • 2-Star: 30 Tier XP
      • 3-Star: 25 Tier XP
      • 4-Star: 15 Tier XP
      • 5-Star: 10 Tier XP
  • Upgrade Costs
    • Level upgrades no longer cost Gold, and only cost Gems.
    • Tier upgrades no longer cost Gems, and only cost Gold. Tier can also be increased with Tier XP.
  • Item Updates:
    • Spirited Soul:
      • No longer adds Spirit.
      • Now grants XP to the Dog. 
    • Scavenger Soul:
      • No longer has a chance to add Spirit.
      • Now has a chance to grant XP to the Dog.
  • Commands:
    • The upgrademax / upgradenowmax commands have been fixed.
      • See Commands page for details on how to use these commands.



  • Enemy Power:
    • Player Fugitives & Prisoners now benefit from Enemy Power.
  • Riot:
    • Riot actions now add no less than 1 Enemy Power XP.
  • Burning: 
    • Pet will remove stacks of Burning. 
    • Effect no longer scales with stack count. Deals damage that scales with enemy power.
  • Weaken Armor:
    • Effect no longer scales with stack count. Significantly increases damage dealt to Armor from all sources. 
    • Smith will remove stacks of Weaken Armor.


  • Anger / Dog Leaving:
    • The time until the Dog leaves depends on the amount of Anger. The time shortens as more Anger is added, and is reduced when Anger is removed.
    • The time to leave cannot be less than 60 seconds.
    • The maximum Anger that the Dog can receive is 100K.
    • The more the Dog is kicked, the greater the magnitude of Anger the Dog will start with when kicked without Armor
    • The current rate is every 10 Kicks generates +1 Starting Anger. 
  • Dog: 
    • The Dog now expresses more emotions. You can view the Dog’s current emotion with inspect dog or just dog.
  • Dog Progression:
    • The XP required to reach each Dog Level has been rebalanced to scale more slowly at low levels, but more quickly at high levels.
  • Friendship: 
    • The rate of XP gain starts out small and increases as Structure Tiers are progressed.
    • XP gain is reduced to 0 when no players are active.
  • Armor:
    • Maximum Armor for the current Armor Level is equal to the XP required for that level.
  • Jail Health:
    • Maximum Jail Health for the current Jail Level is equal to the XP required for that level.
  • Charms:
    • Dig Charms randomly spawn a Bone Offering, Ore, or Gem when consumed.
    • Pray Charms add XP to the Dog.
    • Will keep Structures alive while they are present.
  • Golden Spark:
    • Drops whenever the Dog levels up.
    • Reduces 1 Enemy Power per stack.
    • Triggers Golden Dog.
  • Golden Dog:
    • Now also adds +1 extra reward when the Dog levels up.


  • Structure Tiers:
    • All Structures now have Tiers. Higher Tier structures are more powerful, and gain +50% Work Efficiency per Tier.
    • You can inspect a Structure to learn about the effects of its current Tier, and progress towards the next TIer.
  • Pet:
    • Grants the Dog Friendship.
    • After some petting, the Dog’s action meter will begin to fill. 
    • The Dog’s action meter fills faster with more petting.
    • Once filled, the Dog’s action meter will sniff out buried resources.
  • Dig:
    • Requires resources to be found by the Dog:
      • Bones
      • Ore
      • Gems
    • All the items produced by Dig must be claimed.
  • Pray:
    • Spirit removed.
    • Requires Bone Offerings.
    • Pray grants XP to the Dog per Bone Offering consumed.
    • Additionally, Pray removes Enemy Power XP.
  • Smith:
    • Requires Metal Ingots.
    • Smith adds Armor to the Dog and produces Swords.
  • Cop:
    • Requires Swords.


  • Claim timer decreased to 150 seconds for Riches (down from 300)
  • Claim Power bonus per player for Basic Items increased to 30% (up from 25%).
  • Claim Power for Smelting and Offering gains a 20% bonus per additional player.
  • Removed/Replaced 3-Letter Codes which contained the letters H, D, or Y. 


  • NPCs:
    • Now walk to their target before performing their actions.
  • Audio: 
    • Added sound effects to level up rewards, structure tier increases, structure expiration, dog emotions.
  • UI: 
    • Updated the Dog Level display to have a screen-wide XP bar instead of the small bone UI. This makes it easier to visualize how close the Dog is to the next level.
    • Moved time played display to the bottom center of the screen.