Update: v0.95

Release Highlights

  • Permanently unlock Items, equip multiple at a time.
  • Skill cap increase, Skill damage calculation updates.
  • Charms – a new type of buff for Structures.
  • 3 additional difficulty levels, 2 new enemy types.


In this update, we’ve rebuilt items to be permanent unlockables that can be leveled up as you play.

  • Collect Items from post game rewards.
  • Keep Items you earn in the BANK.
  • Place Items in your BACKPACK to use their Passive and Active abilities.
  • Level up Items with Gems to make them incrementally stronger.

Collecting Items

At the end of every game, the entire lobby earns rewards. The best rewards are earned by winning. Higher difficulties reward more Items per victory. Earned Items can be viewed by using the new BANK command.

Once an Item has been earned, it can be placed into your BACKPACK. Any Items in your backpack can have their effects triggered during a game.

Note: Having an item in your Backpack does not free up BANK space.

You can learn more about managing your BACKPACK and BANK on the Item Commands page.

You can check out all the items available in this update on the Items (v95) page. There are 31 new items in this update.

Please note that all items from before this update have been deprecated and can no longer be accessed or used.

The Mailbox

If your Bank cannot store any new items, or you cannot hold any additional Gems, the excess items/gems are sent to your Mailbox. Your Mailbox has a fixed store space of 10. If your Mailbox fills up, you run the risk of permanently missing out on items/gems.

Item Upgrades

Items now have a Level in addition to a Tier. Items can level up in a couple ways:

  • Spending Gems
  • Finding Duplicate Items

Gems are a new currency that can be earned at the end of a game, and are important for upgrading. The cost of upgrading an item increases with its Tier.

Items can similarly have their Tier increased by spending Gems. When an item’s Tier is increased, however, its Level also resets to zero.

You can learn more about what kinds of things you can upgrade, types of Gems, as well as upgrade costs, on the Upgrading page.

Using Items

When a game starts, there will be a 60-second period where players can still move their items between the BANK and their BACKPACK. During this time, Items cannot be used.

After this BANK lock period, Items can have their Passive and Active effects triggered. Not all items have a Passive or Active ability, so be sure to look up your item’s effects with the ITEM command.


The USE command will trigger Active item effects on all items in your BACKPACK at once. When an item has its Active effect triggered, it goes on cooldown for a set period of time.


In v95, we are bumping the level cap of all skills to 50 (Up from 30)! Additionally, we have updated how damage is calculated across all skills, rebalanced experience gains.

Experience Rebalance

While the exact numbers are different, this is an approximate representation of the new experience curve.

The maximum XP you can gain per action is 10 xp.

Level RangeApproximate XP per Level

Damage Calculation Updates

Damage is now based on the difference between the Power of a given Difficulty, and the Power of your Skill.

The minimum damage you can naturally deal is 1, and the maximum damage you can naturally deal is 50 (Not accounting for any Item effects, such as Critical Chance). To deal 50 damage, you must have a Power advantage of at least 40. To deal 1 damage, the Difficulty Power must be at least 10 higher than your Power. If your Power and the Difficulty Power are evenly matched, then you will deal 10 damage.

PRAISE and JAIL Skills Removed

The functions of these skills have been incorporated into PET and COP respectively.


Charms are a new type of buff that apply to Structures. In v95, all Charms last for the duration of a single game and can be found in one of two ways:

  • DIG Chests
  • Bone Level Up Chests

Charms take the place that Items previously filled. They can be claimed by typing in a 3-Letter code. More players claiming a Charm means the Charm will be claimed faster.

For a complete list of Charms, hop on over to the Charms page.

The maximum number of Charms that can be ‘claimable’ at one time is 10. There is no limit to the stack count of Charms applied to Structures.

New Difficulties, Enemy Types

New Enemies

These new enemies will only spawn in Difficulties 4 and above.

New Enemy: Bomb

  • After 30 seconds, the Bomb explodes and removes 1 Heart Point from the Dog.

New Enemy: Arsonist

  • This enemy spawns in Jail.
  • When this enemy breaks out of Jail, it will target Structures and unleash fireballs that damage a random Structure without triggering any of the Structure’s beneficial effects.

Difficulty 7, 8, 9

Three additional difficulties have been added. Their Power levels are 45, 50, and 52 respectively. Good luck!

Also, players can now elect which difficulty to play on. Higher difficulties will require a Veteran player to access.



  • PRESTIGE titles have been changed to: Beginner I – II, Veteran I – II, Expert I – III, Master I – III.
  • The Gold cost of each Prestige level has been reduced significantly.
  • Check out the Prestige page for an updated table of point requirements and gold costs.


  • PET, COP, KICK, and RIOT all work in the Lobby. You can pretty much play the OG version of Don’t Kick the Dog in the Lobby, now. Performing these actions adds a miniscule amount of XP to your skills.
  • Players can now work Structures to move around the Lobby, and start a specific difficulty.
  • Leaderboards for all-time actions performed have been added to the Lobby.


  • Player Actions are no longer interrupted when a Structure goes on cooldown.
  • Demon players are no longer restricted from most things.

Closing Thoughts

This was yet another major evolution for the game, coming out just a little bit over 2 years since the game’s original launch.

We started this update almost exactly 4 months ago, and while a 4 month development cycle might seem like a long time, it has felt like barely any time at all. At the same time, I feel like every update allows us to make bigger and bigger jumps going forward.

We’ll see where we end up landing… Thanks for playing, and remember:

Don’t Kick.