v97 Minor Updates


Released 11/6/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Weaken Armor was not being reduced by the correct amount from Smith.


  • Enemies
    • NPC Health gained from Time Played uses a new formula that scales up quickly within the first 24 hours.
      • This bonus still caps out at 10K (Actual Enemy Health can exceed this amount.)
    • NPC Lifetime gained from Time Played scales twice as fast.
    • Burning now deals a random amount of damage between 30 and the value of Enemy Power squared.
    • Armor Weakening increases damage dealt to Armor by 250% (Previously, this value scaled with the number of Weaken stacks.)
    • Knights perform Sundering Kicks, which have a 50% chance to apply Armor Weakening to the Dog.


Released 11/4/2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a file IO crash.
  • Updated a few links to use https.
  • Fixed an issue where quest completion feedback was not being sent.
  • Fixed an issue where active quests for players were not always being updated.


Overall this update makes Pet and Dig more productive, and makes Pray, Smith, and Cop less productive. It also updates Charms to make them more effective.

  • Cop:
    • Swords are consumed after 30 Cop Work. (Previously, 60 Cop Work)
  • Pet:
    • The Dog will find 1 additional resource per 15 Pet Work (Previously, 30 Pet Work) when sniffing.
    • The chance to find buried Gems is now 0.5% per Sniff (Previously, 1% per Sniff)
  • Dig:
    • Ore and Bones are unearthed after 15 Dig Work. (Previously, 30 Dig Work)
  • Pray:
    • No longer simultaneously grants Dog XP and reduces Enemy Power XP. Instead, Pray will prioritize Enemy Power XP if present, and Dog XP otherwise.
    • Offerings now grant 2 seconds of Bone XP to the Dog. (Previously 3 seconds)
  • Smith:
    • No longer simultaneously creates Armor and Swords. Instead, Smith will randomly create 1 Sword or 30 Armor per 30 Smith Work.
  • Frenzy Claimables:
    • Gavel, Forge, Treat, Incense, and Drill now provide 5 Charms per stack claimed. (Previously, 10 Charms per stack)
  • Charms:
    • Charms now take 100 work to consume.
    • UI now shows progress towards consuming a Charm.
    • Dig Charm produces 20 Bones or Ore.
    • Spirit Charm produces 20 seconds of Dog XP.
    • Jail Charm produces 300 Jail Health.
    • Armor Charm produces 300 Armor.
    • Friendship Charm produces 300 Friendship.