Update: v95b



  • Corruption now additionally emits a pulse of energy that heals all enemies by 20% of their maximum health. Each pulse consumes 2 Corruption.
    • This pulse will also heal Demon or Fugitive Players.


  • Post Game Rewards now allows each player to choose the chest they receive.
  • New Ending Type: Flawless Victory. If the Dog loses no Hearts during a game, then the Flawless Victory is earned. This adds a couple bonuses to the post game rewards:
    • Additional 2x Multiplier on Points rewards.
    • 3rd Chest Option in Chest Voting for that round. (i.e. Vote C)


  • Two new (5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) item series have been added: Empowering, and Hastening. These items give passive boosts to Skill Power and Skill Speed, respectively.
  • Two new (3⭐⭐⭐) items to complete the Soul Series: Scavenger Soul, and Spirited Soul.
  • The icon artwork for the Rapid Series has been updated. The previous Rapid artwork is now being used for the Hastening series.
  • The Item Codes for the Soul Series have been updated to be consistent with other series.

See the Items page for updated information.



  • The amount of Gold awarded from Chests has been increased.


  • It now costs Gold to upgrade an Item’s Tier. This information has been added to the Upgrading page.


Mega Series

  • Cooldown time reduced to 60 seconds (Down from 120 seconds).

See the Items page for updated information.

Quality of Life

  • WITHDRAW and DEPOSIT now accept multiple item codes (up to 5, to cover your whole backpack)
  • New command: LOAD. Accepts up to 5 item codes. Behaves like a DEPOSIT ALL followed by a WITHDRAW. This lets you quickly switch to a specific set of items.

The Item Commands page has been updated with the new command information.