Update: v96c

The Dog returns from their winter break, and is excited to see you again!

…But that excitement may be quickly broken, as their enemies find new ways to survive and grow powerful.

We’re Back!

It’s been a while! I hope you have been doing well. If you’re not doing well, that’s okay too. When it comes to the Dog, I’m feeling refreshed. I’ve had some time to think about what to work on next while I playtest, tweak, and fix issues.

Future Update: Reward Chests

For the next update, v97, the Dog levelling up will grant Chests as rewards instead of directly awarding the same item to all players. Chests get sent to your mailbox, and can be opened at any time.

The other major change to rewards being introduced is ⭐Star XP. Equipment will need ⭐XP to reach the next ⭐Star Tier. Equipment will no longer require an UPGRADE to progress to the next ⭐Tier and will no longer reset to Equipment Level 1 when reaching a new Star Tier. This allows you to open chests from your mailbox without worry that more Mailbox space will be taken up. Note: You can still use the UPGRADE command to exchange Gems and Gold for Equipment Levels, or to progress to the next ⭐Tier.

That’s all the news from me for now. Let me know what thoughts or questions you have about these changes on Discord. More will be shared in the Discord channel in the coming weeks, including when you can expect the update to drop.

See y’all soon.


v0.96c Notes


  • When the Dog levels up, a Shining Bone is dropped.
    • Can be claimed with the code SHINE.
    • When claimed: Enemy Power is reduced by 1, and Friendship is increased by +1% per stack.
  • Dig charms now produce a bone rather than produce DIG work.
  • Player Fugitive and Prisoner status are cleared on login.
  • Tiles (Such as Enemy Waves, or Golden Dog) in the Tile Tray at the bottom of the screen move more quickly.


  • Pet reduces 1 Enemy Power XP for every 10 Pet Work.
  • Each Kick and Riot level permanently increases your Max Fugitive Health by 1.
  • Riot produces 90% less Enemy Power XP.
  • Riot now actually has a chance to break an individual out of jail.
    • I wrote it worked like this a long time ago but it was untrue so basically I lied to you all on the commands page can’t believe you fell for that haha just kidding I’m sorry here it is working now please don’t be mad
  • When you break out of jail, your character automatically enters Stealth for 5 minutes. 


New Onyx items can be found.

  • New Item: Chaos Fragment ⭐⭐
    • Passive: +5 Riot Power. +5% Chance to escape Jail with Riot.
    • On Level Up: +0.1 Riot Power
  • New Item: Rage Fragment ⭐⭐
    • Passive: +5 Kick Power. +5% of Kick damage is converted into Fugitive Health.
    • On Level Up: +0.1 Kick Power
  • New Item: Thieve’s Mask ⭐⭐⭐
    • Passive: +25 Fugitive Health. 5% Chance to ignore damage to Fugitive Health.
    • On Level Up: +1 Fugitive Health. +0.25% Chance to ignore damage to Fugitive Health.

Other Items

  • Chaining: Deals 20% reduced chaining damage. (80% Damage)

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  • Enemy NPC Health scales with Time Played.
  • Enemy Waves spawn about every 3 minutes.
  • Player Enemies no longer take reduced damage.


  • Fixed an issue causing Item Upgrade costs to be more expensive than intended.

Quality of Life

  • End of Game: Added Chat messaging at the end of the game that mentions the time played, the Dog Level reached, and the top Friend and Enemy players.
  • Fugitives: Added a Chat Message that tells you to apologize after becoming a Fugitive.
  • Skill Inspection: The Skill command will give you a realtime update on your stats instead of showing the stat value provided by your Skill.
  • Loadouts: Loadout swapping no longer deposits items that are already equipped and in your target loadout. This makes it so that you can repeatedly type an action like ‘COP’ without it cancelling item effects due to swapping.
  • UI: Item-stars are colored differently based on Tier to make them easier to distinguish.
  • UI: You can see the meters for claimable items that are not the foremost item.
  • UI: You can see the icons for claimable items that are not the foremost item.