Major Update!

Update: v96b


  • ‘Recent Contributions’ leaderboard added. This will show how much the last few players to join the game have contributed since they were added to the leaderboard.
  • Reduced the amount of XP indicator spam (both from Players and from Modifiers)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Kick and Riot leaderboards were not attributing actions correctly, resulting in inflated numbers. A leaderboard revamp + reset will come in a future release.
  • Fixed an issue where The Dog is Leaving message would only trigger once per game.
  • Fixed an issue where Daily Quests could reset twice if a player was online at midnight server time.
  • Fixed some UI elements that would sometimes not transition their Time of Day style correctly.


See Items page for updated item descriptions.


  • Item effects are now cancelled when unequipped. This notably prevents the Rapid -> Chain combo, which took advantage of the fact that Rapid items would continue to fire after being unequipped.

Mega Series

  • Now deals an automatic critical hit and deals more damage per item level.

Soul Series

  • Now provides Contribution, and has a flat 40% chance to trigger and their Power increases with item level. Soul items will also provide Modifier XP where applicable instead of just the base Modifier (Spirit, Armor, Jail Health).



  • Spirit inspection now shows XP progress.
  • Armor, Spirit, and Jail Health take dramatically longer to level up, but have dramatically higher maximum stack increases each level.
  • Pray reduces the time between Spirit attacks at a ratio of 1 second to 30 Work.
  • Charms are now consumed at a ratio of 1 Charm to 30 Work.
  • Charms are now activated as a projectile to better show their effect.
  • Reduced the visual intensity of Spirit attack projectiles.


  • New! Structures can generate Items that, when claimed, add Charms and trigger a Frenzy for that specific structure which increases Work Speed for those nearby. These items can be claimed separately from Riches (Gems, Gold).
  • Bones once again provide more points the more players are claiming the item.
  • Claim Power for items in the Items category increases with more players claiming. Claim Power can boost certain effects of claimed items, and also increase the speed at which it is claimed.


  • Enemy health scales twice as fast as previously.
  • Enemy actions are taken twice as slow. (e.g. 4 seconds per action, up from 2 seconds)
  • Additional enemy types (e.g. Corruptor, Knight) now appear at higher Enemy Power levels than previous.
  • Knights no longer apply the Weaken Armor debuff.
  • Corruptors now randomly add either the Burn or Weaken Armor debuff.