Major Update!

Update: v96a

This iteration targeted two main goals:

1) Provide consistent rewards for defenders, so that defending does not punish rate of rewards over time.

2) Balance so that Dog defenses such as Cop, Smith, and Pray are less one-sided / more contested by enemies.



  • Golden Dog adds to the number of Rewards that are available when the Dog levels up (See Events for more details about Golden Dog)
  • Number of choices during Rewards scales with Dog Level.
    • 1-40: Provides a random reward
    • 41-80: 2 Choices
    • 81-100: 3 Choices
    • 101+: 4 Choices
  • PICK A’ has a chance to reward 50 or 100 Gold.
  • A Gold Chest can now spawn from the other options. The Gold Chest contains 250 Gold.


The UI display at the bottom of the screen, which has historically displayed when enemies will spawn, now also shows when Events will spawn. The underlying system has been updated to function more like a conveyor belt that moves Tiles across the screen and spawns them when they touch the left edge. Previously, this system was entirely time based, so tiles could overlap and be hard to read on screen. Now Tiles will shove other tiles out of the way if they overlap, to make space on the metaphorical ‘belt’.

  • New Tile: Golden Dog
    • Roughly every 20 minutes, a Golden Dog tile is added.
    • While active, the Dog rapidly decreases any Anger added to them and all skills (except Riot and Kick) gain increased speed for 1 minute.
    • Adds +1 Chest Reward when the Dog Levels Up.


Enemies are now overall more threatening to the Dog.

  • Enemy tiles are added in more varieties.

Enemy Power

  • Enemy Power now always starts at 1 (Previously, set to 1 on first Dog kick)
  • Friendship no longer decays from Enemy Power increasing.
  • XP required to increase Enemy Power scales much slower at higher levels.
    • For reference- Level 10 now requires about 3/4 the previous amount of XP required, whereas Level 20 requires about 1/5th of the previous amount.
  • Enemies spawn in greater quantities as Enemy Power increases.
    • Demon Enemies: (Bombs, Corruptors) +1 Spawn every 5 Enemy Power. Max: 7.
    • Heavy Humanoid: (Knights) +1 Spawn every 4 Enemy Power. Max: 16.
    • Humanoid: (Fugitives, Prisoners, Arsonists) +1 Spawn every 3 Enemy Power. Max: 16.
  • Debuffs added by enemies now scales with Enemy Power.
  • Enemy Tiles spawn more frequently at higher Enemy Power. (Previously, -5 seconds per EP, Now: -10 seconds per EP)
  • Corrupted Knight base health reduced to 25 from 50.
  • Corruptor and Bomb base health reduced to 50 from 100.


Cop, Smith, Pray

  • These skills have had their associated modifiers (Jail Health/Armor/Spirit) balanced to take longer to level up.


  • Spirit leveling works like Armor / Jail Health now.
  • Spirit now ‘trades’ with Debuffs rather than damaging them. (Example: If 1K Anger were present, and Spirit was > 1K, Anger would all be removed on hit by Spirit, but consume 1K Spirit).



  • You can now inspect Enemy Power via ins enemy power

Quality of Life

  • Keyword Loadouts are now supported. This allows you to quickly swap to a set of items when you enter a specific keyword in chat.

Example of setting a Keyword Loadout:

CHAT dxraider: load pet aea aeb aec aed aee BOTdktdbot: @dxraider ☑️ ‘pet’ loadout set: (AEA) [6⭐ Chaining Cop Lv.60/60],(AEB) [6⭐ Chaining Dig Lv.60/60],(AEC) [6⭐ Chaining Pet Lv.60/60],(AED) [6⭐ Chaining Pray Lv.60/60],(AEE) [6⭐ Chaining Smith Lv.60/60] | Type UNLOAD pet to unset this loadout.

Typing ‘pet’ would then equip the items specified on the loadout. This effectively allows you to change which items are equipped based on the action you want to take.

Currently supported Keywords: cop, smith, pet, pray, dig, kick, riot, sorry

Interested to hear thoughts on whether Keyword Loadouts are useful in the Discord.