Update: v96

In this update, we’re going back to something that hasn’t been in the game for a while: having the Dog survive for as long as possible.


  • Difficulties, and Difficulty Power have been removed.


  • START now only takes 1 Work.
  • You can no longer perform Work Actions in the lobby.

Dog Level

  • The Dog now levels up by gaining experience.
  • Every time the Dog levels up, players may choose an item reward.
  • The Dog has no level cap, and a final tier has been added: Endless Dog starting at Level 121.


  • pick is now used to choose a reward (Previously, this was vote)
  • Once all eligible players have picked their reward, the vote will end.
  • The first reward slot is always a specific equipment or Gem, while Chests can roll any 1-5 star item of the matching color.

Dog Gifts

  • While the Dog has not been kicked, there is a chance they will drop Gems or Gold periodically.

Dog Debuffs


  • Heart Points have been removed.
  • Anger is now added when the Dog receives Kicks without Armor.
  • The Dog begins to leave when it is Angry, and must be calmed down with Pet within 60 seconds.
  • If the Dog leaves, the run is over.

Weaken Armor

  • Each stack increases damage dealt to Armor by +1%.


  • Continually shoots Fire at the Dog. Fire decreases Armor, or increases Anger if Armor is depleted. Burn stacks have a chance to increase every time the Dog is hit by Fire.

End of Game

  • The game ends when the Dog leaves.
  • Items are no longer awarded at the end of the game.
  • Prestige Points are awarded at the end of the game based on your Contribution and the Dog level reached.


  • Enemy Health has been rebalanced around Enemy Power.
  • Enemies have a chance to drop Gold or Gems when defeated.
  • Time between enemy spawns is much longer now, to start.

Enemy Power

  • The first time the Dog is Kicked, Enemy Power is raised to 1.
  • Enemy Power gains experience and levels up with Kick and Riot. More Enemy power XP is added via Kick.
  • Enemy Power increases Enemy Damage and Health, and decreases time between enemy waves.
  • Increasing Enemy Power releases a wave that heals enemies, reduces a fraction of Friendship and Spirit.

New Enemy: Corrupted Knight

  • Beefy enemies that can add the Weaken Armor debuff when they Kick.


  • Players are now stunned for a period of time after reaching 0 Fugitive Health.
  • If a player Riots or Kicks, they will be marked as a Fugitive. Fugitives can be targetted by Spirit. Note this means that rioting while in prison may make you a target of Spirit.

Reduced Player Damage

  • Players take only 10% of normal damage to their Fugitive Health.


  • Automatically added to structures via DIG. Charms are consumable buffs that grant a bonus effect for doing Work.
  • Charms have been renamed to reflect their bonus, and have a color to indicate what Structure they are for.
  • Shovel Charms no longer spawn naturally, but can still be added by Charming Dig.
  • Charm bonuses have been reworked.

All Charms

  • Charms no longer expire or decay.
  • 1 Charm is now consumed per Action.

Friendship Charm

  • Generates +100 Friendship per Charm consumed.
  • Available for Pet and Pray.

Armor Charm

  • Generates +100 Armor, and +100 Armor Xp per Charm consumed.
  • Available for Smith and Pet.

Spirit Charm

  • Generates +100 Spirit per Charm consumed.
  • Available for Pray and Pet.

Shovel Charm

  • Digs up 1 item per Charm consumed
  • Available only for Dig.
  • Does not spawn naturally.

Jail Charm

  • Generates +100 Jail Health, and +100 Jail Xp per Charm consumed.
  • Available for Cop and Smith.


  • Pet, Smith, Pray, Cop, and Dig now all have infinite health.


  • Skill cap for all skills is increased to 100.
  • Starting Power has been increased for all Skills to 5.
  • Each Action now produces a random amount of Work between 1 and your Skill Power.
  • All work sites can be inspected to have the bot send information about the game to chat via the new inspect (ins) command, e.g. inspect dig.


  • Jail Health now has a cap that increases with Jail Level.
  • Jail XP is granted by performing Cop Work, or by consuming Jail Charms.


  • Armor now has a cap that increases with Armor Level.
  • Armor XP is granted by performing Smith Work, or by consuming Armor Charms.


  • While the Dog is Angry, Pet Work will target Anger instead of Friendship.


  • Spirit now does Work based on Spirit Power.
  • Spirit Power increases when the Spirit Meter is filled.
  • Spirit decays over time, and each time it decays it performs an Action that prioritizes different targets.
  • Spirit Actions add Friendship unless there are Enemies or Debuffs.
  • Spirit Actions prioritize Debuffs over NPCs, and NPCs over Players.
  • Spirit decay is stronger with higher Enemy Power.


  • DIG automatically adds Charms, rather than adding them to the claim queue (See Charms section for more Charm changes).
  • Drops Bones, which add 5 seconds worth of Experience to the Dog each. The total XP value of the stack of Bones is reflected on screen.
  • Drops a selection of Gems rarely. The selection rotates based on the day of the week.
  • Inspecting Dig shows info about the first 5 claimable items.


  • Generates 2 Enemy Power XP per Kick.


  • Generates 1 Enemy Power XP per Riot.


  • Items now additionally cost Gold to level up.
  • Finding a duplicate of an item that is already Level 60 will award Gems equal to the item’s base Star level. (So for example, a duplicate of a 3-Star item would give 3 Gems)

Deprecated Items

You may safely recycle these items for Gems/Gold, as they will no longer serve a purpose.

CHAT dxraider: recycle afa BOTdktdbot: @dxraider â™ģī¸ Type RECYCLENOW AFA to recycle (From Bank) (AFA) [1⭐ Recharging Cop Lv.1/10] x1 and receive: Gold x10

Deprecated: Recharging

Now deprecated, since structures no longer have health.

  • (AFA) [Recharging Cop]
  • (AFE) [Recharging Smith]
  • (AFC) [Recharging Pet]
  • (AFD) [Recharging Pray]
  • (AFB) [Recharging Dig]

New Items

  • Onyx Gems and Items have been added to the game. Onyx items pertain to both Riot and Kick Actions.


  • Kick and Riot variants of this item have been added.


  • Kick and Riot variants of this item have been added.


  • Kick and Riot variants of this item have been added.

Updated Items


  • USE: <Action> becomes Hastened, performing faster for 60 seconds. The effect is removed if this item is unequipped.
  • Base Cooldown: 150s
  • Speed Increase: +100


  • USE: <Action> becomes Empowered, dealing increased damage for 60 seconds. The effect is removed if this item is unequipped.
  • Base Cooldown: 150s
  • Power Increase: +60


  • No longer allows you to perform an action from ‘anywhere’.


  • Adds 5 Charms instead of 1.


  • Now uses the Skill Level of the chained Skill to deal damage instead of copying the original damage.

Account Progression

Daily Quests

  • Now rewards Gems in addition to Gold.


  • The minimum number of backpack slots has been increased to 3 up from 1.


  • No longer upgradeable.
  • The Bank now holds up to 56 unique items for all players.


  • No longer costs Gold to increase Prestige Level.


  • Max space for Gems increased to 9,999.
  • Gems can no longer be stored in the mailbox.


  • The bank command has been upgraded to accept a <search filter> so that you can view specific items in your bank, rather than having to check pages.
  • The way item names are displayed in chat has been updated to be more consistent across bot messages.
CHAT dxraider: bank 1⭐ BOTdktdbot: @dxraider đŸĻ Items Matching ‘1⭐’ : | â–Ēī¸ (AED) [1⭐ Chaining Pray Lv.4/10] | â–Ēī¸ (ADE) [1⭐ Rapid Smith Lv.2/10] | â–Ēī¸ (ADD) [1⭐ Rapid Pray Lv.2/10] | â–Ēī¸ (AEE) [1⭐ Chaining Smith Lv.1/10] | â–Ēī¸ (AEA) [1⭐ Chaining Cop Lv.3/10] | 🎒 (ADB) [1⭐ Rapid Dig Lv.2/10] | 🎒 (AEB) [1⭐ Chaining Dig Lv.2/10]
  • The item command has been deprecated. Please use inspect instead! Inspect does everything item used to, but can be used on a wider variety of things, such as structures.
CHAT dxraider: inspect pet BOTdktdbot: ℹī¸ The Dog is receiving 248 experience per second from Friendship.
  • Whenever someone cheers 100 bits or more, a hype celebration is triggered in game.