Update: v0.91b

A hearty BARK! from the Dog!

This update adds Structure Voting, a new way to elect a Structure for the next Pledge project.

Structures have also undergone some changes in general. Many structures now directly modify a relevant Dog / Realm modifier (Armor, Purity… Pledge stacks) after a certain number of works by players. Some structures now recharge items.

Other changes:

  • Golden Dog update
  • Bone point requirements rebalanced
  • Jail Health decay
  • Auto-forgiveness after a set period of time
  • Items above Tier 2 don’t break when running out of charges

Golden Dog

This feature is getting a tweak in behavior for the first time in a while. The hope is that this makes the benefits of Prestige / Levelling more unified, while also making the Friendship benefit of Golden Dog a little more relevant.

  • Golden Dog now grants Unlimited Pets for 60 seconds. 
  • Each Golden Pet awards a certain number of Points and adds Friendship.
  • Pet speed is increased by 1 per second during Golden Dog.


Bones have had their point requirements rebalanced so that total points required to earn all bones are better distributed among lower level bones.

For context: Incredible Bone V now requires 10 M points (Previously 2.85 M). However, the number of points required for Enlightened V is lower, at 163.5 M points required (previously 178.8 M).

Structure Voting

If a structure can be built, a vote begins periodically to determine the next structure to be built. You can enter the vote by using vote a / b / c / d. The corresponding structure’s icon will be present on screen, and the name of the structure will be output in chat.

The selection of Structures is currently random.

Voting also means that multiple structures of the same type can now be built.

Structure Updates

In general, structures give better benefits for being worked. 

  • Structures can now repair certain types of items every X works you perform.
    • 10 Works = 10 Charges
    • Many items have had their descriptions updated to indicate where they can be repaired.
  • Some Structures now give modifiers like Armor, Purity for every X works performed on it.
    • 10 Works = 10 Stacks


Blacksmith (New)

  • (10 Works) Grants 10 Armor.
  • (10 Player Works) Repairs 10 Charges to held [Steel Hammer] and [Steel Shovel] items.
  • (10 Player Works) Grants you 1 Gold.

Altar of Dog

  • (10 Works) Grants 10 Purity.
  • (10 Player Works) Repairs 10 Charges to held [Holy Pledge] and [Corrupted Pledge] items.

Gold Mine

  • (10 Works) Removes 10 Pledge stacks.
  • (10 Player Works) Grants you 10 Gold.
  • (1 Health) Opens a Minecart Full of Gold.

Police Station

  • (10 Works) Grants 10 Jail Health.
  • (10 Player Works) Repairs 10 Charges to held [Gavel], [Officer’s Badge], and [Secret Agent] items.
  • (10 Player Works) Grants you 1 Gold.
  • (1 Health) Opens a Justice Chest II

Pet Shop (New)

  • (10 Works) Grants 10 Jail Health.
  • (10 Player Works) Repairs 10 Charges to held [Saving Pet], [Friendly Pet], [Greedy Pet], and [Rowdy Pet] items.
  • (10 Player Works) Grants you 1 Gold.
  • (1 Health) Opens a Shopping Bag.

Tool Shed

  • Unchanged.
  • (1 Health) Opens a Tools Chest.



  • Treat Dispenser has been deprecated in favor of the Blacksmith, and Pet Shop structures for gaining Armor and Pets, respectively. 


  • All items above Tier 1 no longer break when they run out of charges. Instead, they will remain held until they are dropped or sold. Dropping an item with 0 charges destroys the item.

[Steel Hammer] I, II, III, IV

Renamed from [Steel Pickaxe]. New artwork. No other changes.

  • Charges: [30, 60, 90, 120]
  • Passive: Work Power increased by +[1, 2, 3, 3]. Consumes 1 charge per Work. Repairable by Blacksmith.


  • If you are a prisoner / fugitive, and have not kicked the Dog for 15 minutes, you are automatically forgiven / released from jail. This will also reset the Demon status.
  • Jail Health now decays at a rate of 1 per 5 seconds.
  • Small, Good, Great, and Epic Chests have had their required digs increased.


  • All modifier icons have been updated.
  • Updated how players show they’ve added modifiers (Friendship, Corruption, etc)
  • Construction / Destruction of Structures now plays a little animation.