Update Notes: December Update 1a

Greetings from the Dog! An update has been pushed live with some bug fixes, and game balance changes.

Thank you to the following players that helped catch bugs and suggest changes for this update: AshtonCake, Nightcat, Qwerty, JosiahMusic.

As always, you may report bugs or suggest changes to the game in the discord.

Game Balance

  • Changed: All items that can be found from DIG have had their drop chances rebalanced so that lower tier (I, II) items have a greater chance of spawning at all Bone Tiers. This also makes high tier (III, IV) items more rare.
  • Changed: Low tier Golden Sparks are now more likely to spawn at low Bones Small through Epic.
  • Changed: Items taken by the Dog grant friendship according to their Tier. (E.g. a tier III item grants 3 friendship)


Many items have had their Max Charges rebalanced. In general, more powerful, or decisive items have decreased charges.

Steak [I, II, III, IV]

  • Charges rebalanced, and Tier IV gets a 1% nerf.
  • Max Charges : Changed to [1,1,1,1]
  • Armor & Immunity Reduction [IV Only] : Changed to [99]%

Sinister Plan [I, II, III, IV]

  • The passive has changed to award a flat point bonus. PET no longer drops the item. Charges rebalanced.
  • Passive: You receive [1000, 5000, 10000, 10000] bonus points whenever the Dog leaves. KICK will cause this item to be dropped.
  • Max Charges: Changed to [10,10,10,20]

Friendly Pet [I, II, III, IV]

  • This item was not changed, the description has just been re-worded a bit.
  • Passive: Perform a Friendly Pet automatically whenever pets are available with a [20,20,20,15] second cooldown. Friendly Pets add Friendship, but grant no points. Friendly Pets are interrupted by Golden Pets. Will not activate while a Fugitive or Imprisoned.

Gavel [I, II, III, IV]

  • Tier IV no longer imprisons 2 fugitives. I’m not even sure that ever worked. Maximum charge count has been reduced.
  • Use Effect: Immediately imprisons a Fugitive. Max Charges: Changed to [5, 10, 20, 30]
  • Max Charges: Changed to [5,10,20,30]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where kicking the Dog while having Armor would erroneously show the kicker counter.
  • Fixed an issue where using many charges of Sinister Plan would cause the bot to flood a bunch of ‘the dog lost armor’ messages.
    • Please be on the look out for any more USE issues.
  • Fixed an issue where Golden Spark V did not show its tier in its name.