December Update 2 (v0.8b)

A cheerful BARK from the Dog! This update changes how Loose Fugitives work (Now called Fugitive NPCs), adds a larger,  more powerful Fugitive NPC, adds Emoji to Chat Bot messages, and other smaller changes.

Feature: Fugitive NPCs

Removed: Fugitive NPCs will no longer spawn randomly

Added NPC: Fugitive I

Added NPC: Fugitive II

Feature: Fugitive Raids

Fugitive NPCs spawn naturally in new events called Fugitive Raids.


  • The chance of finding higher Tier items has been reduced significantly.
  • [Secret Agent] I, II, III, IV
    • Description Updated
    • Passive: The next Player or NPC to KICK the Dog becomes imprisoned and this item loses 1 charge. This effect cannot be triggered more than once within [900, 750, 600, 450] seconds. If this item is not at full charge, it is destroyed on drop.

Quality of Life

Game Balance

  • The minimum dog leave time has been increased to 30 seconds, from 10 seconds.
    • In the world of stream delays, 10 seconds was essentially instant. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the item command would trigger if ‘item’ was in any part of your sentence. 
  • Item code font should display properly now (It was being cut off before)
  • Fixed an issue where the feedback for dug up items would change facing with the character it was attached to.
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect number of Friendship added could be displayed in game after a pet.