Update Notes: December Update 1

Greetings from the Dog! This is a smaller update, but contains some quality of life fixes and a new buff: Armor!

An update has been scheduled for 12/2/18 at around 3pm, PDT, assuming nothing goes horribly wrong.

New Buff: Armor

While the Dog has the Armor buff, kicks will remove stacks of Armor instead of adding kick stacks.

  • 1 stack of Armor = 1 kick stack prevented.
  • Armor can stack up to 1,000.

Armor treats kicks differently than Kick Immunity, in that kicks are absorbed rather than prevented

  • Absorbed means that players will still be marked as a fugitive for kicking, and the kick will count towards their kick total statistic.
  • Prevented means that players will not be marked as a fugitive, nor will the kick count towards their kick total.

Developers Note: Armor is a descendant of Kick Immunity. Rather than being time limited, Armor lasts indefinitely, but there are more ways to counter Armor. Kick Immunity is still applied by things like Bonus Pets.

Game Balance

Kick Immunity from Bonus Pets

  • The Kick Immunity time starts at 30 seconds, and increases by 30 seconds (up to 180) for each Bone Tier earned.
  • Example: At Great Bone, the Kick Immunity received for completing all Bonus Pets is 90 seconds.


Yummy Treat [I, II, III, IV]

  • Changed All Tiers, On Use: Adds [25, 50, 75, 100] Armor to the Dog. 
  • Changed All Tiers, Max Charges: [1, 1, 1, 1] previously [10,20,30,60]
  • Developers Note: Kick Immunity is very powerful, and previously the only counter to Yummy Treat was another item: Steak. With Armor, there is now always a counter (Kick) available, as well as multiple items.

Steak [I, II, III, IV]

  • Changed All Tiers: Reduces Kick Immunity time and Armor stacks by [25, 50, 75, 100]%. 

Saving Pet [I, II, III, IV]

  • Changed All Tiers: Added Effect: Saving Pets add 1 Armor to the Dog.

Friendly Pet [I, II, III, IV]

  • Description Updated, Passive: Perform a Friendly Pet automatically whenever pets are available with a [20,20,20,15] second cooldown. Friendly Pets add Friendship, but grant no points. Friendly Pets are interrupted by Golden Pets. Will not activate while a Fugitive or Imprisoned.

Command Changes


  • Added: If no area is specified (e.g. dig), a random active area will be selected for digging.


  • Added: Now optionally accepts a claimable item code (e.g. item abc) or a player name (e.g. item dxraider) to provide information about that item.


  • Added: Now optionally accepts a quantity (e.g. use 10) or ‘ALL’ or ‘MAX’ to use up to the specified number of charges all at once. If fewer charges are required than specified, then the command will not use any additional charges.

Misc Improvements

  • The bot now sends a message when a Dig Area has run out of items.
  • Kicking the Dog while it is Immune or Armored now displays a short message + icon over the Dog. (Kick Immune! or Kick Absorbed!)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a warning that would appear when players login using the DIG command.
  • Fixed an issue where players would appear as Demons when they were not Fugitives.
  • Fixed an issue where COP would target Loose Fugitives that had not yet spawned.
  • Fixed an issue where Demon status was not being properly cleared after the Dog left.
  • Fixed an issue where Loose Fugitives did not give points for being Imprisoned with Gavel.
  • Fixed an error that would occur when players turn into fugitives when logging in with the KICK command.