Update Notes: November

An update has been scheduled for 11/22/18 at around 3pm, PDT, assuming nothing goes horribly wrong.

Greetings from the Dog! Here are the highlights from this update:

  • Ascendancy
  • Two new Bone Tiers: Mythical, and Exalted
  • Tier II – IV versions of many existing items
  • New items
  • Golden Sparks / Golden Pet rebalance
  • A new random event: Loose Fugitive

Full Update Notes


When the Golden Dog for the highest achievable Bone ends, the following happens:

  • 1 stack of Ascendancy is added to the Dog.
  • The Bone resets to Small Bone I, with 0 points.

The highest Bone achievable will change depending on the number of Ascendancy stacks, as some Bone Tiers require Ascendancy to earn.

Each stack adds the following effects:

  • Increases Dog XP Gain by 100%.
  • The time reduction penalty from Bone Difficulty is increased by 100%.
  • The number of starting Kick stacks on the Dog is increased by 5.
  • All Ascendancy is lost when the Dog leaves.

This means Friendship will remain after Ascendancy, allowing the Dog to go through the early tier bones much faster.

New Bone Tiers

From now on, new Bone Tiers require Ascendancy to earn. Otherwise, the Bone will reset to Small Bone I upon reaching the final bone.

  • Mythical (Tier 9)
    • Requires Ascendancy x1 to earn.
  • Exalted (Tier 10)
    • Requires Ascendancy x2 to earn.

Bone Difficulty

  • Starting at Great Bone I, the time it takes the Dog to leave will be reduced for each Bone earned.
  • The time reduction increases with higher Bone tiers.
  • The time the Dog has to leave can never be reduced below 10 seconds by Bone Difficulty.

Here the current table of the time reduction for each Bone Tier:

Great Bone-1 Second Per Bone
(-5 Seconds Total)
Epic Bone-2 Seconds Per Bone
(-10 Seconds Total)
Legendary Bone-3 Seconds Per Bone 
(-15 Seconds Total)
Amazing Bone-4 Seconds Per Bone
(-20 Seconds Total)
Fantastic Bone-5 Seconds Per Bone 
(-25 Seconds Total)
Incredible Bone-6 Seconds Per Bone 
(-30 Seconds Total)
Mythical Bone-14* (-7) Seconds Per Bone
(-70 Seconds Total)

*Requires Ascendancy x1, so the penalty will always be increased by 100%.
Exalted Bone-24* (-8) Seconds Per Bone
(-120 Seconds Total)

*Requires Ascendancy x2, so the penalty will always be increased by 200%.


Point Requirement Changes

Amazing, Fantastic, and Incredible Bone are being rebalanced. Overall, the points required to hit Incredible V have been reduced.

The new balance is as follows:

Bone LevelPoints Required
Amazing I150,000
Fantastic I350,000
Incredible I750,000

Golden Pet Point Value Changes

All Golden Pet point rewards have been rebalanced. Overall, the point reward from Golden Pets is reduced significantly. This is done in light of  new features, Bone Ascendancy, and Golden Sparks which both assist in gaining the points that were previously being awarded from Golden Pets.

Bone LevelGolden Pet Points
Small I3
Good I30
Great I90
Legendary I540
Amazing I1,407
Fantastic I2,500
Incredible I5,000

The points for Mythical and Exalted are balanced in a similar fashion.

Golden Sparks

During the Golden Dog, a new type of item spawns: [Golden Spark].

These items will grant points to those that have used their Golden Pet. The point value increases with the item tier. 

TierPoint Reward
Golden Spark I500

Loose Fugitives!

A new random event. Occasionally, reports of Fugitives on the loose will come in. Cop them, or they will kick the poor doggo.

  • Appears after Amazing Bone, becoming slightly more frequent and in greater numbers at higher Ascendancy stacks.
  • Will appear a short time after being reported, slowly walking towards the Dog.
  • Applies a single kick when they reach the Dog.
  • Receive points for capturing the Loose Fugitive.

High Quality Items

Tier II, III, and IV versions of most existing items have been added. This will be indicated by a star icon positioned nearby the item icon. You can also see your item’s tier by using the item command.

In general, high quality items have more charges, but some items also become more powerful

High quality items can be found by reaching higher tier Bones.

New Items

Secret Agent [I, II, III, IV]

  • Passive: The next player to KICK the Dog becomes imprisoned and this item loses 1 charge. This effect cannot be triggered more than once within [900, 750, 600, 450]  seconds. If this item is not at full charge, it is destroyed on drop.

Friendly Pet [I, II, III, IV]

  • Passive: Perform a Friendly Pet automatically whenever possible with a [20, 20, 20, 15] second cooldown. Friendly Pets add Friendship, but grant no points. Friendly Pets do not count as Golden Pets. Will not activate while a Fugitive or Imprisoned.

Saving Pet [I, II, III, IV]

  • Passive: Automatically begin performing Saving Pets when the Dog starts to leave. Your pets are [50%, 75%, 100%, 150%] faster while the Dog is leaving. Costs 1 charge per Saving Pet.

Greedy Pet [I, II, III, IV]

  • Passive: Your Golden Pets turn into Greedy Pets, which grant no Friendship but earn [10%, 20%, 30%, 60%] more points. Greedy Pets consume 1 charge from this item.

Command Changes


  • Added: Will now slowly complete pets over time until there is no reason to pet. This effect is interrupted by entering other gameplay commands (e.g. KICK, COP…)


  • Added: Will now slowly continue to attempt a Jailbreak until a successful jailbreak occurs, or if there are no prisoners present. This effect is interrupted by entering other gameplay commands (e.g. KICK, COP…).


  • Added: Will now slowly continue to apologize until you are no longer a Fugitive. This effect is interrupted by entering other gameplay commands (e.g. KICK, COP…).
  • Added: A successful SORRY removes all kick stacks you’ve recently added to the Dog.
  • Changed: The SORRY chance for lower level fugitives is much higher.
  • Changed: You can once again SORRY while the Dog is leaving.

Bug Fixes

  • Dog Level now appears correctly in Twitch Chat when the Dog levels up.
  • The amount of pets the Dog requires will now be correct in Twitch Chat when the Dog wants pets.
  • Characters should once again visually dig in the correct spot.
  • Kick now drops Sinister Plan, as intended.
  • Max Level Capes earned for Prestige 2 and above are now their intended colors.
  • Demons should once again appear with the Demon sprite.