Preview: November Update

A hearty BARK from the Dev! The following is a preview of the next update.

The update is still actively being developed at this time, and many details have been left out intentionally as they are still being decided.

This preview introduces Ascendancy, two new Bone tiers, Loose Fugitives, rebalancing of Bones and points, and some changes to PET, JAILBREAK, and SORRY.

Point Requirement Changes

Amazing, Fantastic, and Incredible Bone are being rebalanced. Overall, the points required to hit Incredible V have been reduced.

Golden Pet Point Value Changes

All Golden Pet point rewards have been rebalanced. Overall, the point reward from Golden Pets will be reduced significantly. This is done in light of a new feature, Bone Ascendancy, that provides an avenue to significantly increase point gain.

The new balance shifts the majority of a Golden Pet’s points to the final Bone in a given Tier.


When the Golden Dog for the highest achievable Bone ends, the following happens:

  • 1 stack of Ascendancy is added to the Dog.
  • The Bone resets to Small Bone I, with 0 points.

The highest Bone achievable will change depending on the number of Ascendancy stacks, as some Bone Tiers require Ascendancy to earn.

Each stack adds the following effects:

  • Increases Dog XP Gain.
  • The time reduction penalty from Bone Difficulty is increased.
  • The number of starting Kick stacks on the Dog is increased.
  • All Ascendancy is lost when the Dog leaves.

New Bone Tiers

Unlike the current Bone Tiers, new tiers require Ascendancy to be able to earn. Otherwise, the Bone will reset to Small Bone I upon reaching the final bone.

  • Mythical (Tier 9)
    • Requires Ascendancy x1 to earn.
  • Exalted (Tier 10)
    • Requires Ascendancy x2 to earn.

Bone Difficulty

  • Starting at Great Bone I, the time it takes the Dog to leave will be reduced for each Bone earned.
  • The time reduction increases with higher Bone tiers.
  • The time the Dog has to leave can never be reduced below 10 seconds by Bone Difficulty.

Here the current table of the time reduction for each Bone Tier:

Great Bone -1 Second Per Bone (-5 Seconds Total)
Epic Bone -2 Seconds Per Bone (-10 Seconds Total)
Legendary Bone -3 Seconds Per Bone (-15 Seconds Total)
Amazing Bone -4 Seconds Per Bone (-20 Seconds Total)
Fantastic Bone -5 Seconds Per Bone (-25 Seconds Total)
Incredible Bone -6 Seconds Per Bone (-30 Seconds Total)
Mythical Bone -14* (-7) Seconds Per Bone (-70 Seconds Total)

*Requires Ascendancy x1, so the penalty will always be increased by 100%.

Exalted Bone -24* (-8) Seconds Per Bone (-120 Seconds Total)

*Requires Ascendancy x2, so the penalty will always be increased by 200%.

The time reduction at Incredible Bone V is 105 Seconds. This means the Dog needs to reach Level 105 to have 60 seconds to leave at that Bone.

Loose Fugitives!

A new random event. Occasionally, reports of Fugitives on the loose will come in. Cop them, or they will kick the poor doggo.

  • Appears randomly, becoming slightly more frequent and in greater numbers at higher Ascendancy stacks.
  • Will appear a short time after being reported, slowly walking towards the Dog.
  • Applies a single kick when they reach the Dog.
  • Receive points for capturing the Loose Fugitive.

Command Changes


  • Added: Will now slowly complete pets over time until there is no reason to pet. This effect is interrupted by entering other gameplay commands (e.g. KICK, COP…)


  • Added: Will now slowly continue to attempt a Jailbreak until a successful jailbreak occurs, or if there are no prisoners present. This effect is interrupted by entering other gameplay commands (e.g. KICK, COP…).


  • Added: Will now slowly continue to apologize until you are no longer a Fugitive. This effect is interrupted by entering other gameplay commands (e.g. KICK, COP…).
  • Added: A successful SORRY removes all kick stacks you’ve recently added to the Dog.
  • Changed: The SORRY chance for lower level fugitives is much higher.
  • Changed: You can once again SORRY while the Dog is leaving.