Update Notes: October Update 1

An update is scheduled for 10/27/2018! The update will occur around 3 pm PDT, assuming nothing goes horribly wrong!

Greetings from the Dog! In this update we bring some brand new features:

  • Collect Gold!
  • Expanded Player Levels – Player Prestige!
  • Level Up the Dog!

Full Update Notes



  • Players now acquire Gold over time, just for watching the stream, at a rate of 1 Gold per Minute.
  • Players can check their Gold with points.
  • Gold can also be earned in other ways…

 Dog Levels

  • The Dog now gains Experience and Levels, which persist even when the Dog leaves.
  • Each Dog keeps track of its own Experience and Level.
  • Experience is primarily granted through Friendship and Gold Pledges.
  • When the Dog gains a level, it also gains +1 Second to Maximum Leave Time. This makes it take longer for the Dog to leave.

 Daily Donation Goal

  • Pledging Gold to the Dog using the pledge command will earn you points, up to an amount: the Daily Donation Goal.
  • The donation goal is based on your Prestige level.
  • 1,000 Points are awarded per Gold donated.
  • Reaching the Daily Donation Goal will grant a bonus 25% worth of points!

 Extended Player Levels – Player Prestige

  • Players that reach the MAX Hero Level may use the prestige command to advance their Prestige level by 1.
  • Prestiging costs a sum of Gold based on the Prestige level. Cost increases significantly for higher Prestige levels.
  • Prestiging resets your Lifetime Points to 0.
  • Prestige multiplies the amount of Friendship you add in all cases.
  • Prestige levels each have their own Cape for reaching the MAX Hero Level.
  • Prestige levels each have their own title that is displayed when earned, and in the POINTS command.
  • Players may use the cape command to switch between the capes they earn, including unequipping the cape entirely.


 All Items

  • MAX Charge Capacity -> 10 Charges (Previously 2)
  • Drop chance of usable items has been reduced significantly.
  • Drop chance of bonus items (Friendship, Gold, Repair) increased significantly.

 [Repair] I

  • Drops rarely.
  • On Dig Up: Immediately restores 1 charge your held item. Grants 1 Gold instead if your item has MAX charges.

 [Gold Nugget] I, II, III

  • On Dig Up: Immediately grants you [1, 5, 15] Gold.

 [Officer’s Badge]

  • Lockdown Timer -> 10 Seconds (Previously 30)

 [Sinister Plan]

  • On Use:
    • Additional Effect: Kicks added by Sinister Plan can now exceed the Maximum Kick Limit.
  • Passive:
    • Effect Replaced: You receive bonus points based on your Hero Level, whenever the Dog leaves. PET or KICK will cause this item to be dropped.


  • On Use:
    • Charges Consumed -> 2 Charges (Previously MAX)



Tells you your current Gold, and daily donation goal remaining amount.

dxraider: gold
dktdbot: dxraider has 10 gold. Donation goal remaining: 490 Gold.

pledge <gold amount> [all]

Pledges <gold amount> to the Dog and tells you the amount remaining on your daily donation goal.

dxraider: pledge 1
dktdbot: dxraider pledged 1 gold and gained 1000 points! Donation goal remaining: 99 Gold.

dxraider: pledge 1
dkdtdbot: dxraider pledged 1 gold! 

dxraider: pledge 1
dktdbot: dxraider pledged 1 gold and gained 1000 points! Donation goal remaining: 0 Gold.
dktdbot: dxraider hit their donation goal of 100 Gold and received a bonus 10,000 points.

dxraider: pledge all
dktdbot: dxraider pledged 50 gold and gained 50,000 points! Donation goal remaining: 450 Gold.


Increases your Prestige level by 1 and resets your Lifetime Points to 0 in exchange for gold. Increases the XP required to earn Hero levels.

dxraider: prestige
dktdbot: dxraider cannot prestige. Hero XVI Required.

dxraider: prestige
dktdbot: dxraider cannot prestige. 7,000 Gold required.

dxraider: prestige
dktdbot: dxraider has achieved Prestige Level 2: Grand Hero.

 cape <prestige level>

Changes your equipped cape to the prestige level you provide. Cannot equip capes that have not had the MAX Hero Level in that Prestige achieved. ‘None’ or 0 will unequip your current cape.

dxraider: cape 1

dxraider: cape 10

dxraider: cape none


  • New: Indicates the amount of Gold you have.