Update: v97b


    The Dog

    • Favor
      • The Dog will now periodically favor something. 
      • When something is favored, interacting with it produces experience for the Dog and also generates Spirit.
    • Tolerance
      • Increases as the Dog levels up. 
      • Low level Dogs require significantly less Anger to reach 0% Tolerance. 
    • Friendship
      • XP per Second is reduced to zero while the Dog is Angry.
    • Spirit
      • The Dog can be motivated to perform actions by earning Spirit.
      • Spirit is generated whenever the Dog earns Experience Stars or Offerings.
      • Whenever the Dog would perform an action, there is a chance to instead generate a Golden Spark.
    • Dog Actions
      • Removed SNIFF – Now broken out into two separate actions.
      • Added BONES! – The Dog will sniff for buried Bones. Can be unearthed with DIG.
      • Added METAL! – The Dog will sniff for buried Metal Ore. Can be unearthed with DIG.
      • Added CHARM! – The Dog will sniff for Charms to add to a specific Structure.
      • Added SPARK! – The Dog will produce Golden Sparks.
      • The way the Dog decides their next action can be random or deterministic. For this update, the Dog’s actions always begin deterministic and quickly become random.
    • Dog Behavior
      • Lucky
        • Their first actions are always Spark, Pet Charm, Spark, Pet Charm.
      • Unlucky
        • Their first actions are always Spark, Cop Charm, Spark, Cop Charm.
    • Dog Levels
      • Renamed ‘Endless Dog’ to ‘Ultimate Dog’.


    • General
      • When a structure runs out of resources, but then later gains resources, your character will resume working that Structure if you did not give them a new command.
      • Your character will attempt to work the same structure they were working before entering a Stronghold or after leaving Stronghold.
    • Smith
      • Produces Armor at a rate of 2 Armor per 30 Work. (Previously 30 Armor per 30 Work)
      • Produces Swords at a rate of 1 Sword per 60 work.
      • No longer randomly chooses between producing Swords and Armor.
    • Pet
      • The amount of Tier XP required to increase its Tier is now higher than other structures.
    • Cop
      • Produces Jail Health at a rate of 1 Jail Health per 10 Work. (Previously 30 Jail Health per 30 Work)
      • Produces Jail Health regardless of the presence of enemies. (Previously, only produced Jail Health if no enemies were being targeted)


    • Corruption Rework
      • No longer can be mitigated by Prayer.
      • No longer appears in Strongholds.
      • When the timer for Corruption reaches zero, enemies are spawned.
        • Higher Corruption stacks will spawn 
      • All Corruption is removed when the timer reaches zero.
      • Corruption spawn rate increases with the number of players.
      • The number of Corruption stacks that spawn increases with higher Dog levels.
    • Warped Corruptor
      • Health increased to 5,000 (up from 500)
      • Spawns periodically starting at Dog Level 40.


    • The Dog loses Stamina over time while inside of a Stronghold. The rate at which Stamina is lost increases with higher Stronghold levels up to a maximum rate of 60 Stamina per second.
    • Progressively more enemies now spawn in higher level Strongholds, up to Stronghold 7 (Current difficulty cap.)


    • Claim Duration
      • Larger stacks of claimables take longer to claim. 
      • Claim Speed is faster for 1 to 2 players.
        • 1 Player – 4x Claim Speed
        • 2 Players – 1.25x Claim Speed
        • 3+ Players – 1x Claim Speed
    • Golden Spark
      • Now immediately trigger a Golden Dog. (Previously, added a Tile.)
      • Adds 5 Seconds of Golden Dog per stack. (Previously, 60 seconds per stack.)
    • Frenzy
      • The amount of Skill XP granted from claiming Frenzy Items (GAVEL, FORGE, TREAT, INCENSE, DRILL), or Resources (SMELT, OFFER) scales up to a maximum value based on the stack size when claimed.


    Dog Level Up Rewards

    • Reward votes now last 20 seconds (Previously: 1 minute)
    • Participation is no longer required to vote for a reward, allowing players to jump in and grab rewards whenever they are on screen.
    • Reward votes will no longer wait for offline players to vote. If all non-offline players have voted, then the vote will immediately end. 
    • When a chest opens, all of its contents will be shown at once. This cuts down on the amount of time spent waiting for rewards to end.
    • It is no longer possible to roll the exact same reward in multiple PICK options during a reward vote.

    Character Customization

    A list of customizations and how to earn them is available on the 🎨 Character Style page.

    • New Commands: SKIN, BODY, HAIR, CROWN
      • Type a number (no space) after the command to equip a different customization.
    • Hair Customizations are all free, and can be dyed to a particular color by including that color in the command.
      • HAIR3 BLUE
      • A list of dyes can be found on the customizations page. 
    • Customizations can be purchased by typing BUYNOW <code>.


    • Reaching Level 100 in each Skill will award a unique customization for that Skill.
    • Reaching Level 100 in both Kick and Riot will unlock the Demon customization.
    • Players must reach Level 40 in a particular Skill to unlock the Daily Quest for that Skill.


    • Projectiles
      • Updated the feel and look of many projectiles in the game.
      • The projectile system now supports more dynamic / physical behaviors.
    • Twitch Chat
      • Skill commands now show a text-based XP bar to visualize progress.
      • The message for successfully upgrading an item now mentions the item that was upgraded by name and level.
    • Players
      • Characters now visibly appear on top of most UI and projectiles in game, so that they are easier to see.
    • UI
      • Armor / Jail Meters:
        • Added animation feedback when these are damaged.
        • Updated the font colors to be slightly more muted.
      • Friendship, Armor now have more muted icon colors.
      • Added labels that display when modifiers are incremented up from zero. These labels can be inspected via the INSPECT command to reveal additional information.
      • Claimables UI now has a softer background.
      • Frenzy Item UI changed from β€œITEM” to say β€œFRENZY”.
      • Updated the Item Use feedback to be bolder.
      • Damage numbers are now larger, easier to read.
      • Damage numbers for Structure Work are colored based on the structure.
      • Damage numbers now also show an icon to better indicate what they are affecting.
      • Damage numbers animate differently based on the value of the number. Negative numbers will animate downwards, while positive numbers will animate upwards. Large numbers will appear larger and shake slightly.
      • Added VFX when Anger is incremented from zero.
      • Removed meter displays from Structure Resources (Swords, Metal Ingots, Offerings) and Charms. Since these meters would move very quickly they provided little additional clarity.
    • Actors
      • The Dog flashes red when they take damage.
      • The Jail flashes red when it takes damage.
      • Structures flash gray when they are worked.
    • Audio
      • Tuned the grace period between when sounds should merge, making it less likely that the same sound will stack additively at an unpleasantly high volume.
      • Added a music that plays when the Dog begins to leave.