January Update 3 (v0.9b)

A sing-songy BARK from the Dog!

This update rebalances item drops / chests, and brings a new activity: The Dog Wants Pledges! A few items got updated, one got deprecated (Spoiler: [Repair]), and the UI has been updated to better handle a lot of on screen items.  

The Dog Wants Pledges

The Dog will occasionally desire Gold in the form of Pledges. Each Pledge costs 1 Gold and grants 1 Friendship.

As a reward for clearing all Pledge stacks, a new chest drops: [Brave Chest]. This chest contains 3 random boost items  ([Digging Frenzy], [Friendship Gem], [Bone Piece] etc).

Donation Goal

The Donation Goal has been changed.

  • Pledging enough Gold to the Dog will grant you 100,000 Bonus Points.
  • This goal can be achieved many times per day, but the Pledge requirement increases by 10 every completion (up to 200 Pledges required)
  • You can view your current Goal with the gold command.

Command Changes


  • Clears Pledges at the cost of 1 Gold per Pledge. Each stack cleared grants the Dog 1 Friendship.
  • Triggers until you perform another action, run out of Gold, or all Pledges are cleared.


  • Stops the current action. Has no effect on item passives.

sell (previously dismantle)

  • Sells the held item for Gold. The amount of Gold received is equal to the items tier.

Activity Balance

  • The number of staring Bonus Pets has been increased to 10 per online player. (Previously 5)
  • Activities start more frequently.

Digging Balance


  • Chests will not spawn if there are 8 or more items available to claim.
  • Dig sites now spawn less frequently.


  • [Small Chest]
    • Health decreased to 10 (Previously 15)
  • [Good Chest]
    • Drops 3 items (Previously 4)
  • [Great Chest]
    • Drops 6 items (Previously 8)
  • [Epic Chest]
    • Drops 8 items (Previously 10)
    • Health reduced to 80 (Previously 120)
  • [Frenzy Chest]
    • Now drops 2 [Digging Frenzy] items. (Previously 1)
    • Health reduced to 20 (Previously 30)
  • [Justice Chest]
    • Health increased to 20 (Previously 15)
  • [Sinister Chest]
    • Health increased to 20 (Previously 15)

Items / Item Balance

The way items are presented has been changed:

  • Up to 8 items can be visible at any time. After that, all newly spawned items will appear as ‘Shadows’. 
  • If the maximum number of visible items is exceeded, visible items will begin to expire. 

Item drops have been rebalanced:

  • Friendship Gems are more likely to drop out of Chests.
  • Equipment is less likely to drop out of Chests.
  • The following items have been deprecated and will no longer spawn:

    • [Repair]

These item descriptions have been updated:

[Corrupted Pledge] I, II, III, IV

Previously [Demonic Pledge]. Passive effect has been reworked.

  • Charges: [10, 20, 30, 50]
  • Passive: Your pledges clear 100% more pledge stacks, but also add 1 Corruption. Costs 1 charge per pledge.

[Holy Pledge] I, II, III, IV

  • Charges: [10, 20, 30, 50]
  • Passive: Your pledge removes 1 Corruption and adds 100% increased Friendship. Costs 1 charge per pledge.

[Friendship Gem V]

  • Charges: [1, 1, 1, 1, 1]
  • On Pick Up: Immediately adds 100 Friendship to the Dog.

[Greedy Pet] I, II, III, IV

Passive effect has been reworked.

  • Charges: [5, 10, 15, 20]
  • Passive: Your Pets have a [20, 20, 20, 20]% chance to add 1 Corruption and drop a bonus item. Costs 1 charge per item dropped.

Misc Balance

  • Golden Dog now stops spawning Golden Sparks if 3 or more are available (Previously 5).